Bigg Boss Telugu 5 Episode 3 Lobo fightsBigg Boss Telugu TV show in its fifth season is providing full-on entertainment to the viewers. With 19 inmates, the show organizers are struggling to give the space to interesting episodes taking place in the house. However, some contestants are fully prepared in grabbing the limelight by displaying their hyper-activeness in the house.

Many such instances took place in the Bigg Boss house on the second day!

Lobo’s Overaction

Lobo is the in-charge of the bathroom and he is not happy with the contestants leaving their clothes unattended. He gave a serious warning to the inmates that he would tear off the clothes if he comes across the same again. Not stopping there, he engaged in a staged argument with Siri Hanmanth.

Lobo and Siri had a pact to create content by arguing with one another. As expected, they engaged in a war of words while the entire house is left in a shock. When they uncovered that it is staged, it did not go well with the inmates. Lobo body-shamed Siri with a comment, “Look at your face in the mirror”. He also mocked Siri’s height to which she became emotional.

Lahari’s Gentlewoman game

Lahari is trying to give a gentlewoman vibe but is showing domination over the fellow inmates, especially RJ Kajal. Already, Lahari proposed RJ Kajal’s name for the elimination. Kajal sat down with Lahari to sort out issues but Lahari projected it differently to others in the house.

Lahari commented that Kajal is trying to create content in the house by being hyperactive to which she expressed a shock. Without stopping there, Lahari went on to say that Kajal is intentionally trying to provoke her to attract the cameras. With a clear and loud voice, Lahari is trying to show her dominance but a correct opponent will tame her down!

Anne Master’s Unnecessary Aggression

Anne Master is one of the female contestants who is trying to grab the attention of the viewers. Later in the episode, she lost her cool against Jaswanth Padala. When Anne wanted to sit beside Jaswanth, he reserved the place for Siri and Anne did not like it.

Jaswanth’s attitude is not cool but Anne dragged the discussion and showered her aggression unnecessarily. Jaswanth is trying to come out of the ‘innocent boy’ image and made an attempt to win over the argument against Anne but it did not work in his favor.

Task takes a back seat!

Bigg Boss introduced the captaincy task ‘Sakthi Choopara Dimbhaka’ but the task took a back seat amidst the fights.

Vishwa and Maanas grabbed access to the Power Room. Priya and Ravi sacrificed all their clothes as part of the task given to Vishwa. Kajal will have to sacrifice her sleep as part of the task given to Maanas!

Nominated Contestants for Week One
Anchor Ravi, Maanas Nagulapalli, Sarayu, Jaswanth Padala, Hamida and RJ Kajal