Bigg Boss: S5: E98: Boys in the first place, Girls in second placeBigg Boss Telugu TV show is in the 14th week. With this weekend, the show will enter into the final week.

*Kajal or Sreeram – Who is sympathy Gainer?*
Kajal and Sreeram argued with one another over who is the sympathy gainer. In the process of giving Maanas a chance to appeal for the votes, Kajal wanted the decision to be taken by the house, but Sreeram did not agree. Kajal said that Shanmukh picked Maanas but Sreeram said that Shanmukh never picked Maanas. In their argument, Sreeram said that Kajal is a sympathy gainer but Kajal took the advantage of audience questions and reminded him that he proclaimed himself as a lone ranger and a sympathy gainer.

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*Kajal’s failure as Sanchalak*
Apache sponsored task took place in the garden area. Sunny, Maanas, and Shanmukh took part in the task. Kajal is a Sanchalak. Kajal constantly gave instructions to everyone and she forgot to supervise the rules and because of the same, she failed to announce the winner. Although Sunny finished the task first, she pointed out a flaw in him. Shanmukh came second but she did not pay attention to the game in the final moments. When she declared Sunny as the winner, Siri raised an objection. Kajal agreed that she failed as a Sanchalak and also decided to declare Sunny as the winner. Siri wanted to make a point that Kajal failed as Sanchalak but made her friend Sunny a winner. Since Kajal is on the side of a mistake, she could not make any comment and was hurt badly. She expressed her disappointment that she failed to make Sunny and Maanas proud. They consoled her saying that she made them proud.

*Inmates & their Regrets*
Nagarjuna arranged a Wheel of Regret in the house and asked the inmates to share their regrets in the house so far.

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Kajal’s regret in Week 9

Kajal had a chance to save Maanas & Sunny during the jail nomination but she saved Shanmukh after listening to Sreeram. She lived the entire week with the regret that she couldn’t save any of her friends.

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Shanmukh’s regret in Week 11

His emotional connection is his regret. He felt bad that Siri attempted self-hurt. Controlled Siri thinking that people are playing games around her as he wanted to see her in the top 5.

Sunny’s regret in Week 12

His regret is in the ticket to finale task when he was stubborn in playing the game when others suffered because of ice task. Another regret for wearing guilty board.

Maanas’ regret in Week 4

In the 4th week in Akali Rajyam task, he and Sunny wanted to become the captaincy contender. They couldn’t make a decision and Sunny went in. Sunny received maximum stabbings. Maanas couldn’t take it and he was hurt. That’s his regret.

Sreeram’s regret in Week 6

He became the captain in the 4th week and many fights happened only when he was the captain. He was too harsh on himself. He was dull as the Harmony of the house was disturbed because of her. People who are close to him started to go out of the house. That’s his regret.

*Who is Hit & Who is Flop*
Nagarjuna asked to pick who is Hit Star and who is Flop star in the house according to the inmates.

Kajal – Hit Star is Sunny & Flop Star is Shanmukh
Sreeram – Hit Star is Sunny & Flop Star is Kajal
Sunny – Hit Star is Maanas & Flop Star is Siri
Siri – Hit Star is Shanmukh & Flop Star is Sunny
Maanas – Hit Star is Sunny & Flop Star is Shanmukh
Shanmukh – Hit Star is Siri & Flop Star is Kajal

*Inmates & Their Positions*
At the beginning of the week, the inmates picked their positions in the Bigg Boss house but they lacked seriousness. Nagarjuna asked them again to pick their positions.

All the male contestants took first place and the two female contestants took second place. Nagarjuna questioned the same, “Why did boys take first place and both girls took second place?”

Later, he gave them time again to fix their positions.

House Call:
Siri – 1 | Sreeram – 2 | Kajal – 3 | Shanmukh – 4 | Sunny – 5 | Maanas – 6