Bigg Boss: S5: E95: Siri becomes Shanmukh's punching bagBigg Boss TV show is in the 14th week currently. There are 6 members in the Bigg Boss house and 5 of them are in the nominations. Interestingly, the roleplay task created a rift between Siri and Shanmukh once again.

*Shanmukh’s domination over Siri*
Shanmukh is constantly trying to dominate Siri in every aspect. Shanmukh is silencing Siri in every argument and influencing her very much. Siri is not able to understand the same and is following Shanmukh as she has no other option. It is very clear that Shanmukh is venting out all his frustration on Siri and making her weak.

*Sunny vs Shanmukh*
During the discussion about the game, Sunny tried to recreate a scene that happened in the past in the house. While doing it, unintentionally, he imitated Shanmukh which he did not like, and raised an objection. Sunny tried to tell him that he is only reminding the earlier situation in the house. Both argued over the same and Sunny passed a statement that Shanmukh can’t take things and it will be tough for him going forward in his life. Shanmukh stood on his point and found fault with what Sunny did.

*Siri becomes Shanmukh’s punching bag*
Shanmukh got angry because of the discussion with Sunny. Siri tried to console Shanmukh and made an attempt to convince him to continue the game and not quit it. Shanmukh, however, is not ready for the same and started taking his anger on Siri. Shanmukh asked her to stay away from him and not tell him what to do. Later, Shanmukh calmed himself down after listening to Sreeram and Maanas. Siri confronted Shanmukh that he listened to others and came to play the game but ignores her request when she pleads for him to play the game. Shanmukh again vented out his frustration on her saying that Siri is bringing himself down in the Bigg Boss house. Siri tried to be strong on her point but Shanmukh went on blaming Siri for everything that happened in the house. “When someone said you will become Appadam, I am with you. When you are emotionally low, I am with you. I helped you a lot and took care of you when you needed it and applied ointment to your foot. But, your mother did not see anything and only mentioned about the Hug. I am being projected in a negative way because of you,” he told Siri. Later, Shanmukh consoled Siri. Siri apologized to Shanmukh but he thinks he is not wrong.

In fact, the entire house felt that Shanmukh is wrong but no one went in between their fight. Undoubtedly, Shanmukh is wrong here.

*Sreeram-Jessie fight roleplay*
Sreeram had a fight with Jessie, Shanmukh, and Siri when Sreeram became the captain. The inmates recreated it by playing the following roles.

Sunny – Hamida; Maanas – Anee, Shanmukh – Sreeram, Kajal – Siri, Siri – Jessie, Sreeram – Shanmukh

*Shanmuk appeals for votes*
Unanimously, the inmates picked Shanmukh as the best performer and the house gave him a chance to appeal for votes.

*Laugh in the Hotseat*
In this task, the inmates will have to sit in a hot seat and the inmates will try to make them laugh. The inmate who will control their laughter will get a chance to appeal for votes.

Maanas and Sreeram are the winners in the task.