Bigg Boss: S5: E94: Roleplay in BB HouseAfter the final nominations segment in the Bigg Boss house in the 14th week, it’s time for a new task. The inmates are asked to do a roleplay.

*Special Food Treat*
Bigg Boss showcased the pictures of food and asked everyone to pick one. Later, Bigg Boss sent big bowls of Gulab Jamun to the house and asked the inmates to eat them without using their hands. Only Siri completed eating it and won Fried Chicken. She was instructed to not share it with others.

Roleplay is the new task in the Bigg Boss TV show. The Bigg Boss inmates will have to recreate the popular incidents that took place in the house. They will have to roleplay the same.

*Incident one – Sunny-Siri Appadam incident*
For this incident, the following are the characters played by other inmates.

Shanmukh – Siri, Maanas – Anee, Siri – Sunny, Sunny – Shanmukh, KajalSreeram, Sreeram – Kajal

Everyone recreated the incident in an entertaining manner. What stood as the highlight is Sunny (as Shanmukh) trying to hug Shanmukh (as Siri) as many times as possible.

*Incident two – Maanas-Pinky Journey*
In the second incident, the Bigg Boss organizers asked the inmates to recreate the journey of Maanas-Pinky

*Maanas angry on Kajal*
Initially, Kajal decided to play Maanas and Sunny as Pinky. Kajal revealed that she would tell “I love you” to Sunny since they are playing Maanas and Pinky. Maanas overheard their conversation and expressed anger over Kajal and Sunny. Maanas told that they should not unnecessarily say anything that is not true. Kajal cried and decided to step back from playing the role.

*Maanas turns Pinky*
Maanas decided to play Pinky and Sunny became Maanas. Kajal became Sunny. They tried to recreate the journey of Pinky-Maanas. Maanas played it extremely well.

*Direct chance to ask votes*
The winner of the task will get a chance to appeal to the viewers to vote for them.