Bigg Boss: S5: E92: Super 6 in the house!Priyanka Singh is eliminated from the Bigg Boss TV show at the end of the 12th week. There are currently 6 members in the house.

*Asli Picture*
Asli Picture is the first game played by the inmates this Sunday. The inmates picked some tags for the inmates and shared incidents about why they are perfect for the inmates.

Mahanati – Pinky | Dr. Vaseekar – Shanmukh | Neelambari – Siri | Kattappa – Siri | Arjun Reddy – Sunny | Relangi Mamayya – Sreerama Chandra | Aparichithudu – Maanas | Bhanumati – Siri | Peddarayudu – Shanmukh | Chitti Babu – Sunny | iSmart Shankar – Maanas | Seetayya – Sunny | Maryada Ramanna – Sreeram

*Singing & Goggling*
This is the second game. In this, the inmates are divided into teams. They will have to sing a song by goggling.

Team A: Siri, Maanas, Shanmukh | Team B – Sunny, Kajal, Pinky | Sanchalak – Maanas

Team A won this game.

A game similar to Ludo is the third game played by the inmates. Siri-Shanmukh, Sunny-Kajal and Maanas-Pinky are teams. The male inmates rolled the dice while the female inmates stood in three different rows. Depending on the number of dice, they are either safe or answer a controversial question.

– Maanas did a romantic scene with Pinky during the game
– When asked about who he did not expect in the top 7, Shanmukh said that it is Kajal
– To the question, who is sympathy seeker, Maanas picked Kajal‘sname
– Sunny took a punishment where the female inmates did makeup to his face by adding lipstick and eye-liner
– When asked about who has no common sense, Shanmukh picked Siri and Pinky names

Kajal-Sunny won the game.

*Pinky evicted*
In the end, the elimination was between Pinky and Siri. Priyanka Singh is eliminated in the 13th week.

*First Impression & Last Impression*
Priyanka Singh shared her first and last impression on the inmates.


First: More beautiful than me.
Last: Reminds me of my sister.


First: Big fan
Last: Good connection


First: Guy next door
Last: Lovely brother


First: Invited me inside the house
Last: Want to see you as a winner


First: Intha allari chestundenti?
Last: Didn’t change a bit


First: Impressed at first sight
Last: Want to see you as a winner

*Maanas bids a memorable farewell to Pinky*
From the beginning, Maanas is Pinky’s favorite in the house. Their chemistry is lovely. Their track too garnered a lot of attention. Maanas made the farewell memorable to Pinky by crooning the ‘Uppenantha ee Premaki’ song and dedicated it to Pinky.

Pinky said that she wanted a life-long friendship with Maanas.