Bigg Boss: S5: E91: Nag's complaints on inmatesBigg Boss Telugu TV show is in its fifth season and the 13th week is about to end. In the current episode, Nagarjuna discussed the complaints he had on some inmates.

*Complaint Box*
A complaint box has been arranged in the living area. Every inmate has been asked to share their complaints with other inmates.

Sunny – On Siri – That she is very stubborn during the game and should have taken it easy.

Siri – On Shanmukh – That he gets angry at her when she was in pain

Pinky – On Sunny – That he grabbed most of her balls

Sreeram – Has no complaints about anyone
Maanas – On Shanmukh – That he always tells him to talk to him directly but during the game, he wanted Maanas to talk to Sunny

Kajal – On Sunny – That he is not talking with her

Shanmukh – On Siri – That she is not playing the game well

*Nagarjuna’s complaints on Inmates*
Nagarjuna also had some complaints about some of the inmates.

Pinky – That she should not unnecessarily prescribe or suggest medications to herself or others

Maanas – That he miscalculated time when Sunny is playing

Kajal – That she disturbed others even after they requested her to be calm during the focus challenge

Sreeram – That he did not trust Shanmukh for a while when he was playing for the game

Nag asked the inmates to dedicate three emoticons to others.

Punch – Sunny
Shut-Up – Kajal
Angry – Pinky

Shut-Up – Kajal
Angry – Siri
Punch – Shanmukh

Angry – Kajal
Punch – Siri
Shut-Up – Pinky

Shut-Up: Maanas
Punch: Siri
Angry: Sunny

Siri – Angry
Punch – Sunny
Shut-Up – Pinky

Punch – Sreeram
Angry – Shanmukh
Shut-Up – Sunny

Shut-Up: Sunny
Punch: Shanmukh
Angry: Pinky

*Game of Sacrifice*
Bigg Boss returned the gifts that inmates sacrificed. However, he did not return the gifts sacrificed by Siri and Pinky. Bigg Boss asked the other inmates to sacrifice their belongings to either Siri or Pinky by picking only one who actually deserves to be in the house. Kajal and Shanmukh picked Siri. The others picked Pinky. However, in the end, Siri won and she got her gift back.

*Sreeram Is Safe*
The first finalist Sreerama Chandra is safe!