Bigg Boss: S5: E90: Sreeram into finals butThe ‘Ticket to Finale’ segment has come to an end in the Bigg Boss TV show. Sreerama Chandra has become the first contestant to enter the finals of the Bigg Boss Telugu season 5.

*Focus Challenge*
In Ticket to Finale, the focus challenge was played by Siri, Sreeram, Maanas, and Sunny.

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In this challenge, Bigg Boss will play different sounds and the inmates will have to identify and write them on a board.

Sunny and Maanas won the challenge.

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*Challenge for Accuracy*
The next challenge is the challenge of Accuracy. In this, the inmates will have to identify the bulbs switched off and then switch them on. It is a test for accuracy and speed.

Shanmukh has played on behalf of both Siri and Sreeram.

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After this task, Sreeram and Maanas qualified for the next round. Sunny and Siri lost their chance.

*Injured yet Strong Sreeram enters finals*
Sreerama Chandra is injured in the first challenge itself. Sunny played a task on his behalf and Shanmukh played another task on his behalf. In the end, Sreeram played the final task on his own and won the task. He is extremely happy to win the final ticket after undergoing all the pain.

*Overenthusiast Kajal*
Kajal is someone who changes everything according to the situation. She is over-enthusiastic from the beginning and everyone knew the same. In the challenge for Focus, she tried to disturb the other inmates. Since she did not play the task, she sat aside and started revealing the answers of sounds. Sunny, Sreeram, and others did not like it. They pleaded with Kajal to be silent. Sunny got angry and picked up an argument with Kajal. Kajal, however, defended herself and said that she is playing her game. That argument created a slight difference of opinion between Kajal and Sunny.

*Nominations Test for Sreeram*
Since Sreeram is in the nominations, he will have to become safe to be in the finals directly.

*Nominated Inmates*
Siri, Sreeram, Maanas, Kajal and Priyanka