Bigg Boss Telugu 5 Episode 9Monday is for nominations in the Bigg Boss house. Unlike the first week’s nominations, the second week’s nominations put the house on fire. Bigg Boss cleverly divided the inmates into two groups and gave a shock to them.

Nominations: Team Wolf vs Team Eagles
Bigg Boss divided the 18 housemates into team Wolfs and Team Eagles.

Team Wolf: Lahari, VJ Sunny, Jessie, Swetaa Varma, Anchor Ravi, Maanas Nagulapalli, Natraj Master, RJ Kajal and Uma Devi

Team Eagles: Anne Master, Lobo, Sreerama Chandra, Priya, Priyanka Singh, Hamida, Vishwa, Siri, and Shanmukh Jaswanth

Siri nominated Uma and Natraj Master. Natraj master nominated Priya and Priyanka Singh. Anne master nominated Uma and Kajal. Sunny nominated Priya and Priyanka Singh. Priyanka Singh nominated Natraj and Sunny. Maanas nominated Lobo and Priya. Vishwa nominated Uma and Kajal. Lahari nominated Hamida and Anne. Hamida nominated Swetaa and Lahari. Uma nominated Anne and Vishwa. Lobo nominated Swetaa and Ravi. Swetaa nominated Lobo and Hamida. Shanmukh nominated Uma and Jessie. Kajal nominated Anne and Vishwa. Priya nominated Sunny and Natraj master. Jessie nominated Sreerama Chandra and Lobo. Sreerama Chandra nominated Kajal and Natraj master. Ravi nominated Priyanka and Sreerama Chandra

Key Highlights
Natraj Master was clearly offended for being nominated by multiple people. He became nervous but tried to cover up the same.

It’s Uma Devi’s one-woman show all the way. She not only fired on the housemates but also used some objectionable language which left everyone in a huge shock. Uma Devi found fault with the reason given by Anne that she is not behaving with the housemates properly. She asked everyone not to respect her at all. She pointed out that everyone in the house is showing over-respect and pointless fear towards her. Uma Devi’s potshots at other contestants is one highlight and the other highlight is her unparliamentary language in the house. In four seasons, this is the first time that a contestant has used such a language in the house. The other housemates expressed a shock over the same while a few could not control their laugh.

Swetaa Varma found Lobo’s and Hamida’s reasons to nominate her as fake. Swetaa Varma lost her temper and yelled at the other housemates. She could not take it when Uma Devi was criticizing Anne. Pointing out that she is not respecting fellow female inmates and not showing humanity, she took a serious class. Ironically, she lost her temper and slapped on the faces of Hamida and Lobo. Later, she apologized to both of them.

RJ Kajal became emotional in the house, saying that she is losing herself in the process of impressing others while they are not letting her be herself.

Nominated Contestants in Week Two:
Team Wolf: Uma Devi, Natraj Master and RJ Kajal
Team Eagles: Lobo, Priya, Priyanka Singh, and Anne Master