Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5 Episode 89

Bigg Boss TV show is inching towards the finale phase soon. The ticket to the finale race is already in progress. In the current episode, Bigg Boss eliminated three inmates from the finale race.

*Kajal vs Shanmukh*

Kajal and Shanmukh argued over their performances in the game. Everyone knew that Maanas, Kajal, and Sunny is a group, while Siri and Shanmukh is a group. Shanmukh began the discussion with Kajal saying that Kajal’s group played it well by cooperating with one another. Kajal denied the same saying that everyone played their game. Shanmukh was heavily frustrated in the game and said that Kajal had just passed the statements. Kajal told Shanmukh that whatever he thinks the others reflect who he actually is. Shanmukh did not like it and said that Kajal always gives statements and takes advantage of situations. The argument went for a long time resulting in no conclusion.

*Skill Test*

The inmates then took a challenge where Bigg Boss put a test for skill. In this task, there are slopes arranged in the garden area with jars attached to it. There are balls in the jars. The inmates will have to pour water on the slope and ensure the balls come out of the jar and fall down. The inmate who finishes in less time will get first place.

Everyone played it well. Since Siri and Sreeram are injured, Shanmukh and Sunny played on their behalf.


In the above task, there was a tie-breaker between Shanmukh and Sunny. Sunny won the task.

*Out of Ticket To Finale Race*

Kajal, Priyanka Singh, and Shanmukh are eliminated from the Ticket to Finale race since they got fewer points in the challenges they faced.

*Still in Race*

Maanas, Sunny, Sreeram, and Siri are still in the Ticket to Finale Race