Bigg Boss: S5: E88: Task puts inmates' health in dangerTicket To Finale is currently in progress in the Bigg Boss TV show. One of the inmates will get a chance to get into the grand final. However, for the first time, there is a task that almost puts inmates’ health at risk.

*Test for Endurance is Test for Health*
Test for Endurance is the first challenge in the ‘Ticket to Finale’ segment. The inmates will have to stand in Ice Cubes for a long time. In between this, the inmates will have to fight to grab the balls from other inmates’ buckets. It is the weirdest as well as risky task as it put the health of inmates at risk.

By the end of the task, Siri, Shanmukh, Pinky, and Sreeram had to go to the medical room for a checkup. As they stood in the ice cubes for a long time, they lost sensation to the feet. Especially, Sreeram’s situation has gone bad. Sreeram suffered the whole night with pain. The doctor gave medication to him after which he felt a little better but there were band-aids on his feet.

*Siri provoked Sunny*
During the task, Siri bagged one ball from Sunny’s bucket and Sunny argued that she took it while he placed his leg in ice cubes. Siri disagreed and he got angry. Sunny stopped standing on ice and focused on grabbing Siri’s balls. Since Siri wanted to win the game, she stood in the ice cube without placing her leg outside. Sunny too was stubborn and did not target anyone else. Thus, he bought his ugly side out and attacked everyone to grab more balls.

*Siri & Shannu playing for Ravi*
During the task, Siri and Shanmukh shouted that they are playing the game for Ravi. While they stood in ice cubes, to control the pain, they shouted that they are playing for Ravi and will make him proud.

However, Maanas, Sunny, and Kajal were surprised to hear it as Siri and Shanmukh also nominated Ravi to send him out of the house.

*Senseless Shanmukh*
After the game ended, Maanas helped Siri by taking her to the medical room and also offered help in making herself comfortable. Since Siri can’t keep her feet on the ground, Maanas helped her in fetching things. Shanmukh was also in pain and Maanas was helping Shanmukh too. However, Shanmukh senselessly yelled at Siri that she is taking help from those who cornered her. Siri tried to explain that she was in pain and can’t do anything. But, Shanmukh expressed his anger on Siri, shouting that she don’t deserve to be his friend. Shannu also commented that Siri is weak and does not deserve to be with him in the house. Priyanka intervened and tried to control Shanmukh, asking him to keep his mouth shut until she recovers from pain.

*Bigg Boss takes U-turn*
Initially, the challenges in Ticket To Finale are Endurance, Speed, and Action. After understanding that the first task misfired, Bigg Boss changed them to Skill, Focus and Memory.

*Challenge for Focus*
The inmates picked Focus as their next challenge. In this challenge, all the inmates will have to individually calculate 29 minutes of time and will ring a bell. The inmate who comes close to 29 minutes will be the winner. Since there is no clock in the house, the inmates will have to sit in a place and calculate the time. The inmates can distract the participants while they are calculating the time. In between, Bigg Boss also tried to distract them by playing sounds of animals.

*Sunny In Lead*
In the Endurance challenge, Sunny displayed a lead. After him stands Sreeram, followed by Siri, Maanas, Kajal, Shanmukh and Priyanka.

*Bottom Line*
In these five seasons, the inmates played many tasks and injured themselves but for the first time, this task has put the health of inmates at risk. Bigg Boss also gave a wake-up call at 11 am in morning and no one danced to the song. From the audience’s point of view, the endurance challenge makes no sense and the Bigg Boss team should be careful in bringing such scary tasks.