Bigg Boss: S5: E86: Boring nominationsBigg Boss Telugu TV show is in the 13th week and the nominations segment is completed. Sunny and Shanmukh are safe. The other five inmates are in the danger zone.

*Eviction After-Effects*
Not just the audience but the inmates are also left in a shock with Ravi getting evicted. After Ravi’s exit, the inmates spoke about the reasons that could have resulted in his eviction.

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Maanas and Kajal think that Ravi left the show because he is not cooperative with everyone. They found faults in his game and analyzed the eviction.

Siri, Pinky, and Shanmukh could not believe that Ravi left the house. Siri is extremely upset and so is Shanmukh. Pinky felt that she lost a person with whom she can talk anything.

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*Nominations – BB House becomes Football Ground*
During the nominations, as usual, the inmates picked two names. This time, they will have to kick the ball (with the nominated person’s picture) into the goal post arranged in the house.

Shanmukh – Kajal and Priyanka
Priyanka – Kajal and Siri
Sreeram – Maanas and Kajal
Siri – Priyanka and Kajal
Sunny – Siri and Sreeram
Maanas – Sreeram and Siri
Kajal – Priyanka and Siri

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*Transcommunity issue pops up again*
During the Monarch task, Pinky asked for a chance to become a captain and accidentally used the ‘trans community’ word. She said that it will be good to become the captain and her people from the community will feel happy. Later, Kajal asked Shanmukh to consider the same and used the word ‘trans community.

Shanmukh, Siri, and Priyanka used this as a reason to nominate Kajal. Since they nominated her, Kajal also discussed it further and nominated Priyanka and Siri.

*Kajal’s prediction on Sunny*
Kajal definitely deserves to be called strategy queen. Even before nominations began, Kajal predicted that no one would nominate Sunny and it came true.

*Sunny is safe along with Shanmukh*
Since Shanmukh is the captain, no one nominated him. At the same time, surprisingly, no one nominated Sunny too. He is luckily safe!

*Final Nominated List*
Siri, Kajal, Maanas, Sreeram and Priyanka