Bigg Boss Season 5 Episode 83Bigg Boss TV show is generating a unique interest among the audiences now. Especially, during the family reunion segment, there are high emotions in the house. On Friday, the family members of Sunny, Pinky, Ravi, and Shanmukh entered the house.

*Sunny’s Friendship bonding with Mother Kalavathi*
VJ Sunny shares a friendship bonding with his mother Kalavathi. The same is seen during their conversations in the Bigg Boss House. Sunny’s mom Kalavathi is extremely proud of Sunny and she is happy to meet him after a long time. She cracked some jokes, ate food cooked by Sunny, and then danced with Sunny. In the end, she also celebrated her birthday with the inmates.

*Pinky waits for father but meets sister*
Pinky was waiting to see her father in the Bigg Boss house. However, her sister Madhu entered the house. Pinky, along with Madhu toured the Bigg Boss house. Madhu told Pinky that she is playing the game well and has also mentioned that their father is proud of Pinky. Pinky’s father wants Pinky to win the Bigg Boss title and create a history. Madhu also advised Pinky to only focus on the game and should not get deviated on to other topics. It looks like an indirect hint that Pinky’s sister does should not move close with Maanas.

*Ravi – A memorable reunion with wife & daughter*
Ravi’s wife entered the house first and told him that their daughter did not come to the house. Ravi wanted to see her daughter but he only got to meet his wife. They both discussed his game. Ravi’s wife mentioned that the family and fans are liking his game and he should not be bothered about anything. She advised him to not prolong things if he forgets something and asked him to just say that he forgot.

Ravi got surprised when he heard his daughter’s voice. He ran to the main door to receive his daughter. He is extremely happy to see his daughter after almost 80 days. He could not contain his happiness and played with her. They spent some quality time together. Ravi’s daughter wanted to see Bigg Boss and the duo toured the house. In the end, Ravi played with his daughter and also danced with her.

It was a great memory for all the inmates and also an emotional segment for everyone.

*Shanmukh meets his supermom*
Shanmukh revealed that his mother is a big inspiration for him. He also called her a super mom. When she came to meet him in the house, he tied the captain band to her hand and shared his happiness. Shannu’s mom Uma Rani greeted everyone and spoke with her son for a long time. Shanmukh asked about his girlfriend Deepthi Sunaina. He asked mom if she met Deepthi to which she said yes. Shanmukh is worried about the portrayal of his relationship with Siri. However, his mother told him that there is nothing to worry about it. She told that she is looking at it from a friendship angle and Deepthi would also receive it in the same way. Shannu tried to share with mom about what Siri’s mother said. However, his mom asked Shannu to not overthink and play his game. She asked him to be with everyone and treat everyone equally.