Bigg Boss: S5: E81: Families in BB HouseThe much-awaited segment of the Bigg Boss TV show is finally here. In every season, the arrival of family members into the Bigg Boss house creates a special interest among the audiences. Finally, the segment is live now and it is an emotional ride for everyone.

*Shanmukh is the last captain of Bigg Boss S5*
Shanmukh Jaswanth is the last captain of the Bigg Boss TV show in the fifth season. Continuing the captaincy task from the previous episode, Priyanka eliminated Siri from the game. Later, Shanmukh sat on the throne and decided to eliminate Pinky. In the end, there is Ravi and Shanmukh. The house took a call to make Shanmukh the captain. Only Sreerama Chandra voted for Ravi but the others voted for Shanmukh.

*Trans Community word brings issues between Kajal & Shanmukh*
Pinky requested Shanmukh to give him a chance so that she would become the captain of the house this season. She never became the captain of the house and she requested a chance. However, Kajal too supported Pinky and she told Shanmukh to consider the same. “Consider it once since her trans community will also be happy,” said Kajal. Shanmukh did not like that comment. He pointed out that Kajal should not bring that tag and ask Shanmukh to support Pinky. Shanmukh felt that if he does not support Pinky, it could give a statement that Shanmukh is against the Trans community. With that point, Shanmukh argued with Kajal.

*Priyanka gets emotional*
Priyanka lost the game in the end and with Shanmukh and Kajal arguing over the trans community, she became emotional. She tried to slap herself and then cried for unnecessarily bringing such a discussion in the house.

*Shanmukh & Siri – Unstoppable*
After Nagarjuna separately spoke to both Shanmukh and Siri, the duo became dull. Even Shanmukh asked everyone to stop talking about them in the house. However, the couple seems to be unstoppable now. Both are hugging each other too many times and their intimacy is stirring a discussion. In the last two to three days, there’s been a big change in the way they treat each other. After becoming the captain, Shanmukh asked Siri to get ready beautifully and even asked her to put on a nose pin to which she obliged happily.

*Families pays a visit to BB House*
Finally, the BB house is witnessing the entry of families. Starting from this episode, the families of all housemates are going to make their entry into the Bigg Boss house. Already, Kajal’s husband and daughter entered the house.

Unlike last season, Bigg Boss allowed the family members into the Bigg Boss house.

*Kajal’s daughter is happy about Anee’s exit*
Kajal’s husband and daughter entered the house and created an emotional atmosphere in the Bigg Boss house. Kajal is extremely happy to see them after over 3 months. Kajal’s husband gave her feedback on her game. He praised her and asked her to be strong and continue being herself.

Sreeram and Ravi asked Kajal’s daughter if she gets angry when they nominate Kajal. Her daughter said yes and when asked who does she curse more, she said, “Anee. I am happy that she is eliminated.”

Both Kajal’s husband and daughter spend around 45 minutes in the Bigg Boss house.

In the promo, we could see the family members of Maanas and Sreeram entering the house.