Bigg Boss: S5: E80: Game of Thrones in BB HouseBigg Boss delivered a big surprise to the inmates by announcing the final captaincy task in th house. After the nominations episode, the captaincy task took off immediately.

*Kajal – Sreeram saga continues*
Kajal and Sreeram nominated each other in the previous episode. After the nominations, they discussed once again about the points made. Kajal argued that Sreeram also played in a group along with Anee and Ravi but Sreeram smartly answered it but he has no valid point.

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*Last Captaincy Task – Game of Thrones*
Bigg Boss surprised the inmates that the current captaincy task is the final captaincy task of the fifth season of the Bigg Boss TV show.

According to the captaincy task, Bigg Boss arranged a throne in the garden area. From time to time, the buzzer rings, and one of the housemates will have to sit on it. Later, the other inmates will play tasks. The two inmates who remained, in the end, will face a challenge with the inmate who sat on the throne. He will decide who will be out of the game.

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Round 1: Siri sat on the throne.
Siri saved Ravi and eliminated Sunny from the game.

*Sunny’s min-frustration*
Sunny was frustrated that Siri eliminated him from the game. However, he returned to normalcy in no time.

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Round 2: Sreeram sat on the throne.
Sreeram saved Ravi and eliminated Kajal from the game.

*Sreeram’s Double Standards*
“I earlier told multiple times that from the bottom of my heart that I wanted Kajal to become the captain,” said Sreeram. Kajal requested to give her a chance since she never became the captain of the house. However, Sreeram gave Ravi a chance to survive in the task.

Round 3: Ravi sat on the throne.
Ravi saved Shanmukh and eliminated Maanas from the game.

Round 4: Pinky sat on the throne.
Pinky saved Shanmukh and eliminated Sreeram from the game.

Round 5: Pinky sat on the throne.
Game to be continued.

*Siri upset with captain Maanas*
Siri and Pinky sat on the throne at a time. Captain Maanas declared that Pinky sat on the throne first. Siri could not take it and cried. She blamed that Maanas has intentionally declared Pinky as the winner.

Shanmukh Jaswanth will be the last captain of the Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5.