Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5 Episode 78The Bigg Boss TV show is in its fifth season in Telugu. Successfully, 11 weeks are over and Anee master is evicted this week. Sunday’s episode is filled with fun and tension elements because of the eviction segment! Much to the surprise of everyone, Anee left the Bigg Boss house without showing her aggression. She wished the 8 inmates the best and took the exit door in a composed way.

*Questions & Answers with Karela shots*
Bigg Boss inmates wrote some questions and sent them to Nagarjuna. Nagarjuna asked the questions on the behalf of other inmates. In a few cases, he revealed who wrote the questions and in some cases, he did not!

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For Sreeram:
Why do you wear so many masks?
Didn’t you get a chance to become an acting superstar?

For Siri:
Is your game going down because of the bonding with Shanmukh?
Did you and Shanmukh pre-planned to play the game together?

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For Shanmukh:
Why do you always look at Sunny in physical tasks? Do you think he plays wild?
Are you a safe player and are you getting deviated because of emotional connections?

For Maanas:
Are you scared to talk to me straight? (asked by Shanmukh)
What is your future relationship with Pinky?

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For Pinky:
What are your expectations from Maanas?
Do you like Kajal?
Why do you make fun of Siri on her back?

For Anee:
Do you use your brain properly?
Why don’t you stand by the decisions you make?

For Sunny:
Are you in the house for the Bigg Boss title?
Do you like to be the center of attraction?
Why do you have double standards with regards to playing the game?

For Ravi:
Did you try to influence me (asked by Sreeram)
Why do you use others while playing the game?

For Kajal:
Do you consider Kajal as your friend?
Why are you not playing the game independently?

For all the answers given by the inmates, the house gave thumbs-up and thumbs-down. Depending on the same, the inmates had Karela shots.

*Anubhavinchu Raja Promotions*
Anubhavinchu Raja team promoted their movie in the house. The film’s lead pair Raj Tarun, Kashish Khan, and Sudarshan interacted with the inmates on the Bigg Boss stage. They played a game with inmates.

Bigg Boss sent the names of inmates and each inmate will have to pick one paper and draw something on the board. The team members will have to guess the name.

*Dialogue Kottu Guru*
Bigg Boss also sent some popular viral dialogues on social media. Each inmate picked a paper and dedicated that dialogue to others.

*Anee Evicted*
Surprisingly, Anee and Priyanka Singh faced the final leg of eviction. Nagarjuna then confirmed Anee’s eviction and everyone is in a big shock.

Surprisingly, Anee did not fire any potshots on others before leaving. She interacted with the other inmates from the stage and gave them suggestions.

Usually, she would provoke Kajal but she just congratulated Kajal for being in the top 8.