Bigg Boss: S5: E77: Nag Tries to Get Clarity on Relationships in BB HouseThe current episode has multiple interesting segments where Bigg Boss spoke to a few inmates personally in the power room.

*Kajal’s Master Stroke to Anee*
Kajal earned recognition for her strategies in the Bigg Boss house. Anee has been disliking Kajal from the beginning for her strategies. However, Kajal has delivered a masterstroke to Anee in eviction-free pass task. Kajal intentionally did not support either Anee or Siri to help her friend Sunny win the eviction-free pass. Anee was not expecting that to happen and she could not take it.

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*Complaint Box Anee*
Anee who could not take a failure gave up on her game. At one point, she gave up and asked Maanas and Kajal to give an eviction pass to Siri. Later, when Kajal did not let either Siri or Anee win the pass, she started blaming Priyanka saying that she diverted her. And then, she started complaining that she knew Kajal and Maanas would play such a cheap game. She did not stop herself from complaining about others for her own failure. It all looked immature.

*Best & Worst Performers*
Ex-Captain Ravi handed over Gold coins and Coal coins to the inmates and gave them the tags, Best Performer and Worst Performer.

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Best – Gold – Maanas, Pinky, Anee, and Sreeram
Worst – Coal – Sunny, Siri, Shanmukh, Ravi and Kajal

*Clarity on Siri-Shanmukh relationship*
In the current week, Siri harmed herself in the bathroom in an argument with Shanmukh. Nagarjuna disliked it and called Siri to the power room to talk to her about her thoughts. He told Siri that he is not judging her and asked her to open up on their relationship with Shanmukh. Siri expressed that she does not have clarity of what she is doing. Siri mentioned that she had never fallen in such a situation. However, she said that whatever she is doing, she is doing it with full consciousness and complete senses. She mentioned that she is not acting and trying to be true to her feelings. Nagarjuna took a promise from Siri that she would not indulge in any self-harm activities again.

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At the same time, Nag called Shanmukh separately to the power room and asked if he is missing his girlfriend Deepthi. Shannu said yes and when asked about his relationship with Siri, he opened up that there is his mistake in their relationship turning out like that. Shanmukh said that he should not have told things or done something that resulted in Siri going to that extent. He also said that he later thought about it and understood that he should chill.

Basically, something is cooking between Shanmukh and Siri. But, both have acknowledged the same and are in a clueless situation about how to handle it. Now that Nagarjuna gave them the space to think and put their thoughts forward in the absence of everyone, they might handle it well now.

*Clarity on Pinky-Maanas relationship*
Pinky has feelings for Maanas. Maanas is the only housemate that Pinky is friends with. She enjoys his company and would tolerate anything coming from him. However, Maanas is afraid that Pinky is developing feelings towards him to an extent where he may not be able to handle it. He is trying to convey the same to her and asking her to give him space, but, she is getting hurt.

Nagarjuna called Maanas to the power room and asked what Maanas was thinking about his relationship with Pinky. Maanas said that he is afraid that Pinky would do something to her if he straightaway tell her that he has no feelings for her or avoid her. Nagarjuna told Maanas to make things clear with Pinky even if it is a truth that can hurt her. “There is a chance that his silence could lead the situation in a wrong direction,” said Nag to Maanas.

Additionally, Nagarjuna also played a video of Pinky how she felt bad when Maanas yelled at her.

*Nagarjuna’s soft warning to Anee*
Usually, Nagarjuna is harsh in confronting Sunny, Maanas, and Kajal. Multiple times in the past, Anee crossed the line and did mistakes but Nagarjuna never warned her. However, in the current episode, Nagarjuna called Anee to the power room to tell her that she is crossing the line a little by imitating Kajal in a disrespectful manner. Anee defended herself and Nagarjuna did not confront her strongly and softly asked her to be careful.

Anee evicted from the Bigg Boss house