Bigg Boss: S5: E76: Kajal twists the game!Two interesting tasks took place in the current episode. One of them is the captaincy task and the other one is a chance to get an eviction.

*Ring is King (Maanas)*
The captaincy task is called Ring is King. Anee, Maanas, Pinky, and Siri took part in the task. As part of the task, the four will have to hold a ring and the person who will lose the grip will be out of the task. Maanas played it well and has become the captain.

*Eviction Free Pass*
Bigg Boss gave the ‘eviction free pass’ chance to the inmates. As per this, a fire engine has been set up in the living room. From time to time, there will be a buzzer. Two inmates will have to enter the engine and they will be shown two pictures of the inmates. Among them, they will have to save one and the other one’s picture will be burned.

First Round: Ravi and Shannu went: Displayed pictures of Sreeram, Maanas – Saved Sreeram

Second Round: Maanas and Sunny went: Displayed pictures of Ravi, Anee – Saved Anee

Third Round: Shanmukh and Siri went: Displayed pictures of Sunny, Pinky – Saved Sunny

Fourth Round: Sreeram and Anee went: Displayed pictures of Siri and Shanmukh – Saved Siri

Fifth Round: Pinky and Kajal went: Displayed pictures of Sreeram and Siri – Saved Siri

Sixth Round: Pinky and Anee went: Displayed pictures of Sunny and Kajal – Saved Sunny

*Suspense in last round*
Maanas, Ravi, Pinky, Shanmukh, Sreeram, and Kajal lost the chance to earn the eviction free pass. In the seventh round, Maanas and Kajal went inside the engine. Bigg Boss displayed the pictures of Anee and Siri. Kajal started playing her game. Maanas wanted to support Anee master and Kajal says that she wants to support Siri. Later, when Maanas wanted to support Siri, she is mentioning Anee’s name. Intentionally, Kajal is changing her stand so that both the pictures will be burned, leaving a chance for Sunny to gain the pass. They are yet to take the decision in this episode.

*Kajal twists the game*
Anee was expecting that Kajal would flip the game by doing something like this. She is visibly frustrated as Kajal might let her picture get burnt and kill her hopes to gain the eviction-free pass. We have to wait for tomorrow’s episode to know if her strategy worked!