Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5 Episode 75The captaincy task, Nee Illu Bangaram Gaanu, has come to an end in the eleventh week of the Bigg Boss Telugu TV show. The show is in its fifth season and there are 9 members in the house currently. The current episode is all about the mood swings of the inmates.

*Sunny – Frustration*

Sunny who failed to win the challenge over Maanas (who played on Siri’s behalf) is extremely upset. He continued his anger for some more time and almost showed no interest in further continuing the game. Even when Ravi bought him the special power tool, Sunny was not ready to accept it and play the game. However, others convinced him to play the game. Sunny is not happy with Sanchalak Ravi as he thinks that Ravi is changing the game rules according to his interest.

*Maanas & Kajal – Disconnected*
Maanas is upset with Kajal and called her a disconnected person. Before leaving the house, Jessie advised Kajal to stay away from her friends and asked her to not make any sacrifices. Kajal discussed the same with Maanas and Sunny but also took a decision to not take his advice. Maanas seems to be hurt at this point. He is not talking to Kajal properly and told her the same that he does not want to talk to persons who are disconnected from him. However, Kajal tried to tender an apology to Maanas but he is still not ready to get back to normalcy with her.

*Kajal – Clueless*
Kajal wanted to support Sunny since he is frustrated in the game. However, out of anger, Sunny made a remark on Kajal in front of all the housemates which she could not take. When Kajal was following Sunny, he said, “Why are you coming after me? Are you my tail?” Kajal was ready to take it out of friendship with Sunny. But, immediately, Sreeram and Anee reacted to the comment, and Kajal felt insulted. She cried but later accepted Sunny’s apology. Also, she failed to become the fourth captaincy contender. She lost the challenge to Maanas. She is also clueless about Maanas feeling disconnected from her.

*Shanmukh & Siri – Never-ending love-hate-love saga*
Shanmukh and Siri are having a tough time in the Bigg Boss house right now. Both are missing their respective partners and they are getting emotionally connected which they think is going a little overboard. In the current week, there were many times both broke down and were also dull. Interestingly, in this episode, Siri said “I hate you” to Shanmukh, and then she hugged him and then left him crying. Shanmukh told a few things earlier that hurt Siri. He apologized to her but it looks like their love-hate-love relationship has no end.

*Pinky disheartened*
Pinky is very close to Maanas in the Bigg Boss house. She tolerates anything to any extent when Maanas is on the other side. Maanas is not liking a few aspects with regards to Pinky and he is avoiding her most of the time. In the current episode, he called Pinky “Sodhi Moham” and she is disheartened with that comment. She lacks respect in their relationship which she shared with Sunny. Later, she told Maanas to at least give her the basic respect that any person would need. She also asked him to recognize as a fellow human. Maanas apologized to Pinky and she accepted it.

*Sanchalak Ravi – Mixed Feelings*
Ravi failed in the game as a player but he is careful that at least he does a good job as the captain as well as Sanchalak. On one side, his over-calculation misfired with regards to accepting the special power tool from Ravi. On the other side, his decision during the second challenge disturbed Sunny. Later, Ravi tried to pay back Sunny by gifting him a power tool which he initially rejected but accepted again with no interest. In the middle of all this, Ravi has mixed feelings about the way he is playing the game.

*Anee, Sreeram & Ravi – the trending group*
It was Anee who complained of groups in the Bigg Boss house but she is currently enjoying the support of Sreeram and Ravi. The three are playing as a group. Siri and Shanmukh decided to play together without taking support from a third person. Maanas, Kajal, and Sunny also decided to play individually and not as a group. Pinky, like always, is neutral. In the middle of all this, it is Anee, Sreeram, and Ravi who are going strong as a group.

*Nee Illu Bangaram Gaanu*

In the current episode, the third challenge was taken place between Maanas and Anee. Anee won it and became the third captaincy contender.

Later, Bigg Boss gave another chance to other inmates. Kajal, Maanas, and Sunny took up the challenge. Maanas won it.

*Captaincy Task*
The captaincy task will take place in the next episode. Siri, Anee, Maanas, and Pinky will play in the task.

Maanas is the new captain of the Bigg Boss house & Siri is the Ration Manager.