Bigg Boss: S5: E72: Boring nominations episodeBigg Boss Telugu TV show is in its fifth season currently. The show completed ten weeks and there are 9 inmates in the house. Except for captain Ravi, everyone in the house is nominated this week.

*Self-Preparation for nominations*
After Jessie’s eviction, the entire house got busy preparing themselves for the nominations.

Kajal sat down with Maanas and Sunny to discuss issues. She asked them if they trust her as she failed to save them in the last week’s nominations.

Anee discussed with Sreeram and Ravi about Sunny.

All the inmates cooked their own strategies to face the nominations.

Ravi – Sunny and Kajal
Shanmukh – Kajal and Pinky
Maanas – Shanmukh and Anee
Sreeram – Sunny and Maanas
Kajal – Shanmukh and Anee
Siri – Pinky and Kajal
Pinky – Shanmukh and Siri
Sunny – Sreeram and Siri
Anee – Maanas and Kajal

*Major arguments*
Sunny is not happy with Ravi calling his behavior bad and even Ravi is not happy with Sunny calling him fake. Both argued over the same point during the nominations.

Kajal is upset that Anee is disrespecting her by imitating her. However, Anee still imitated her saying that she is a dancer and she is just dancing. Kajal and Anee nominated each other saying that they don’t have a strong connection.

Both Shanmukh and Siri intentionally nominated Kajal and Pinky. No one’s reason is logical or valid.

*Bottom Line*
As the number of inmates in the house is coming down, the excitement is also going down. This is a boring nominations episode!

*Nominated Contestants*
Shanmukh, Siri, Sreeram, Anee, Pinky, Maanas, Kajal and Sunny