Bigg Boss: S5: E69: Captaincy task brings back FIRE in housematesBigg Boss TV show organizers introduced a boring task called BB Hotel this week. However, the task failed to create entertainment. But, the captaincy task bought the momentum back.

*Hotel Staff lost, Guests won*
In the BB Hotel task, the hotel staff failed to win over the guests. By the end of the task, the hotel staff earned only 9500 rupees and the guests have 4500 rupees. The hotel staff failed to earn 10000 rupees.

*Ravi wins secret task*
Ravi successfully completed his secret task and entered the captaincy race. Despite people getting doubts that he is performing a secret task, Ravi played the game well.

*Maanas & Pinky unfit*
The hotel staff was given a chance to eliminate two people from the guests to take part in the captaincy race. They collectively agreed on eliminating Maanas and Priyanka from the captaincy race. They gave a reason that Maanas and Pinky failed to interact with them properly. Maanas and Pinky disagreed with the same. Especially, Pinky is hurt by Shanmukh’s reason that she came late to participate in the task. Pinky is angry with the hotel staff for giving that reason.

*Tower lo undi Power*
Tower lo undi Power is the captaincy task. Ravi, Sunny, Siri, and Kajal took part in the captaincy task. According to the task, the four contenders will have to build a tower. Later, they will have to throw balls at the opponents’ towers. By the end of the task, who builds a big tower will become the captain.

*Anee vs Kajal*
During the task, Kajal was the first one to get eliminated. Sreeram and Anee were guarding Ravi’s tower. Kajal tried to tickle Anee and distract her focus. However, Anee picked a fight saying that it is not allowed. Anee is Sanchalak and as soon as she said that it is not allowed, Kajal stepped back and stayed away from the same. She did not touch Anee again but Anee called Kajal’s game as ‘Falthu’ game and it angered Kajal. Anee did not stop there but also imitated Kajal in a disrespectful manner.

*Sunny vs Siri & Shanmukh*
During the game, since Kajal tickled Anee, Siri went and held Sunny without giving him a chance to play the game. Sunny lost his temper and said, “Na venakala padithe Appadam aipothav,” Siri got angry for the same and Shanmukh too raised her voice. Shanmukh found fault with Sunny’s tone and comments. Sunny lost words on Shanmukh and even disrespectfully imitated him. Shanmukh tolerated everything. Sunny even told that Shanmukh is playing a game with a woman in front of him. Later, Sunny also pointed out that two women Kajal and Priyanka are also supporting him.

*Priyanka spoiled Sunny’s game*
It is because of Priyanka that Sunny failed in the game. She tried to guard Sunny’s tower but her saree accidentally disturbed the tower, resulting in it falling down.

*Ravi is the new captain*
In the end, Ravi won the task and became the house captain. He is still in the nominations. Only if he gets saved, he will get immunity for next week.