Bigg Boss: S5: E68: No Entertainment, Only BoredomBigg Boss TV show may report fewer ratings this week because of the boring BB Hotel task. On Thursday, there is nothing interesting about the episode and the organizers did a mistake by bringing an outdated task that resulted in no entertainment. There are hardly any entertaining moments in the episode.

*Hotel Staff is Angry*
The hotel staff (Anee, Sreeram, Ravi, and Shanmukh) are not happy with the behavior of the guests. They are in a feeling that the guests are not paying them well. Anee expressed her frustration over the same and the hotel staff even took a call to provide no food if they don’t get the money.

*Ravi plays the spoiler*
As part of the secret task, Ravi is trying to spoil the dishes served to guests. He poured chili powder into Kajal’s water bottle and also spoiled other dishes, along with Pinky’s makeup kit.

*Secret Task lands in Risk*
The secret task given to Ravi is at risk. Everyone in the house predicted that the secret task has been given to Ravi. So, he might not get a chance to take part in captaincy.

*Bottom Line*
No Entertainment, only boredom