Bigg Boss: S5: E63: No fire in Nagarjuna's confrontationsUsually, host Nagarjuna Akkineni uses Saturday to confront the housemates, correct them, expose them and voice out the opinions of viewers. But, he is turning Saturdays into fun days like Sundays. The viewers are in the opinion that Nagarjuna is not showing his anger on the inmates. This Saturday also, the audience is left with a disappointment.

*Siri accepts Shanmukh’s apology*
Shanmukh tried all the ways to apologize to Siri and win her love again. He told sorry a lot of times and Siri too took her time to accept Shanmukh’s apology. There was a point in her anger and she took her sweet time to overcome that emotion. Before Nagarjuna met them on the stage, Siri and Shanmukh reunited.

*Nagarjuna failed in confronting Anee*
Anee is the one who always complains in the Bigg Boss house. She enjoys bonding with others but when it comes to the tasks, she complains that the others are winning because of the support and bonding of fellow inmates. Last week, she complained that Siri and Shanmukh played together and prevented her from becoming a captain. She even told Rajinikanth’s dialogue, “Pandhule Gumpuga Vasthai, Simham single ga vastundi,” where she compared herself to Lion. She told that everyone ganged up against her.

But, she is the house captain now and in the captaincy task, it is because everyone ganged up against Sunny, she won the task. In front of her eyes, she could see everyone attacking Sunny. But, she did not raise her voice and happily accepted captaincy. She did not even acknowledge the fact that everyone targeted Sunny.

Nagarjuna sarcastically made a comment that everyone attacked Sunny to make Anee a captain but failed to expose her dual standards. In one of the earlier episodes, Maanas too said that Anee will never understand when some inmates supported her. Nagarjuna failed in confronting Anee in this issue and instead, he appreciated her for becoming the captain.

*Nag showers Compliments*
Nagarjuna praised Ravi, Siri, Shanmukh, Sunny, and others’ performances. He discussed Siri’s anger at Shanmukh. In the presence of Nagarjuna, Siri and Shanmukh reunited as friends once again!

*Revenge Drama in BB House*
Nagarjuna gave a chance to the inmates who participated in this week’s task. Ravi, Anee, Priyanka, and Sreeram were made to drink tasteless shakes. They took revenge by mixing similar shakes to those in rival teams. Ravi picked Shanmukh and Anee picked Kajal. Priyanka picked Ravi and Sreeram picked Sunny.

*Hero of the House & Villain of the House*
Later, the inmates played ‘hero & villain’ game in the house. Every housemate picked two inmates who they think hero and villain.

Siri – Shanmukh hero & Pinky villain
Pinky – Siri villain & Maanas hero
Sreeram – Vishwa hero & Siri villain
Kajal – Anee villain & Maanas hero
Sunny – Jessie hero & Pinky villain
Ravi – Vishwa hero & Shanmukh villain
Shannu – Ravi villain & Siri hero
Anee – Kajal villain & Vishwa hero
Vishwa – Sreeram hero & Pinky villain
Jessie – Siri hero & Kajal villain
Maanas – Pinky hero & Ravi villain

VISHWA is the hero of the house & PINKY is the villain of the house.

Vishwa gets evicted in the ninth week.