Bigg Boss: S5: E60: Super Heroes vs Super VilliansBigg Boss organizers came up with yet another interesting task this week. The captaincy task is super interesting and it is a test for the willpower of the inmates.

*Superheroes vs Super Villians*

Super Heroes (Red Colour): Maanas, Shanmukh, Kajal, Priyanka, Sreeram

Super Villians: (Black Colour): Ravi, Anee, Siri, Jessie, Ravi, Vishwa, Sunny

*Test for Will Power*
Both teams will have to pick one person as their target in each round. They will have to give him different tasks until the buzzer rings. The person will have to do the tasks or can say that he is going to quit. The team goes on earning points with their inmates not giving up.

*Ravi & Sreeram – Didn’t Quit*
Sreeram went in first and the opposite team has asked him to drink different shakes that they prepared with egg, soya sauce, chili sauce, coffee powder, and whatever ingredients that they have with them. Sreeram drank them all. Later, he was asked to pour color on his hair and also underwent a slight hair cut. He was also asked to do a headstand. However, he did not give up and patiently completed all the tasks.

In the next turn, Ravi too did not give up. He drank almost 4 glasses of different shakes. He was asked to throw cow dung on all his clothes. He was asked to do squats and burpees.

Compared to Sreeram, it was tough for Ravi to survive but he did not give up.

*Vishwa vs Priyanka – Once More*
Already, Vishwa and Priyanka are not on good terms. In one of the earlier tasks, Vishwa pushed Priyanka away and Nag also warned Vishwa. In the current task, both engaged in a physical fight again while performing the task. Priyanka yelled at Vishwa for pushing her again but Vishwa defended himself. It happened twice and even Siri too pushed Priyanka away.

*Anee The Flipper*
For a long time, Anee is proving that she is a flipper. After giving the immunity to Maanas, Anee discussed the same with Ravi and Sreeram, understanding that the duo was hurt. Anee gave some lame reasons to them. She again complained that no one is supporting her in the house. Also, during the task, she lost her temper unnecessarily and started to provoke his team members.

Bigg Boss clearly mentioned that the inmates can do anything to test each others’ patience. Despite knowing that Ravi has backache, he was asked to do squats by holding the dumbbells. Anee intervened saying that the other team has no morals and questioned how they can give him such a task. The other team defended saying that Ravi can quit if he wants! It shut her mouth for once and all. But, she looked disappointed.

*Next Episode*
Promo hints at a breakup of Shanmukh-Siri & Maanas-Priyanka