Bigg Boss Season 5 - Episode 49The Saturday episode in Bigg Boss house is mostly about the behaviors of the inmates. Unlike the previous Saturdays, this time, Nagarjuna has discussed the gameplay of multiple inmates.

Maanas & Priyanka exchange garlands

There was a Telugu matrimony task in the Bigg Boss house this time. Maanas and Priyanka exchanged garlands during the task. Later, there was a discussion about the same if Maanas would like what has happened in the house. Ravi, Priya, and others discussed it thinking if Maanas’ mother would also be happy watching it.

Nagarjuna’s strong confrontation

This time, Nagarjuna confronted some of the housemates strongly about their behaviors and performances in the Bigg Boss house.

Ravi The Thief

Ravi stole Siri’s stickers in the house but he played a game with Siri, Shanmukh, and Jessie that he knows the one who has taken the stickers. At the same time, Ravi later confessed to Siri that he is the one who picked up the stickers. Meanwhile, during a confrontation with Nagarjuna, Ravi defended his theft. However, the more Ravi discussed the issue, the more he displayed his weaknesses. When Nagarjuna asked why he did the theft, Ravi said that he did not do it wantedly but had found it there and taken it.

Priyanka gets cornered & Nag shuts Vishwa

Vishwa and Priyanka already had an issue in the house. Vishwa mentioned that Priyanka failed as the Ration Manager and she failed to fulfill her responsibility properly. Ravi also mentioned that Priyanka failed and she is the worst performer. However, Nagarjuna confronted Vishwa about his attack on Priyanka during the task. Nagarjuna shut the counters of Vishwa by playing the video of the attack and even questioned why the house is not clean during Vishwa’s captaincy.

Nag goes easy on Priya

During the entire week, it is the Priya vs Sunny issue that has garnered everyone’s attention in the Bigg Boss house. Nagarjuna went easy on Priya for constantly saying, ‘Chempa Paguludhi’. Everyone thought that Nagarjuna will be strict with Priya but he did not discuss the issue on a serious note. However, he mentioned that it was a mistake on Priya’s part. During the same, Nagarjuna also appreciated Sunny’s performance. Nagarjuna also played the video of the tussle between Priya and Sunny.

Arey Entra Idi Shanmukh

Nagarjuna played a video of Shanmukh’s split with Siri by adding funny edits. At the same time, he also showed how Shanmukh is away from all the inmates during the game. Nagarjuna told Shanmukh that he should play the game but not avoid himself from everyone.

Vishwa is the worst performer

Going by the majority of the house, Vishwa has been chosen as the worst performer of the house. He will be sent to jail on Monday until the further announcement from Bigg Boss.

Filth filled in Bigg Boss house

Nagarjuna played the video of an untidy house, mentioning that there is no cleanliness. He told to Sunny to keep the house clean by next week.

Nagarjuna exposes Lobo in style

Nagarjuna had a private conversation with Lobo in the confession room. But, Nag played the video in the living room without Lobo’s knowledge. In the confession room, Nag asked Lobo to pick 6 Thopulu and 6 Doopulu in the house. Since he does not know that it is being played in the living room, Lobo bought his real side and made some harsh comments on a few housemates.

According to him,

Thopulu: Maanas, Sunny, Vishwa, Sreeram, Siri, Jessie
Doopulu: Priyanka, Kajal, Priya, Ravi, Anee, Shannu

Contestants Safe

Kajal and Sreeram


Priya is eliminated.