Bigg Boss S5: E40: Bigg Boss gives a Bigg shock!BB Rajyam lo Bommala task ended successfully by filling hopes in some and diluting hopes of some. Surprisingly, two different tasks took place for the captain as well as the Ration Manager.

Cunning Kajal gets no support
Kajal is very cunning in the house. During the BB House lo Bommala task, Kajal does not want to anchor Ravi to win the task. She wanted to do the quality check for the toys she already accepted. It opened to a negative response from everyone including other Sanchalak Siri. Kajal kept trying to make her point win but no one supported her.

Second Special Power
Yesterday, team Green got a special power where they grabbed all the toys from team Blue. In this episode, team Red got a special power and they took away half of the toys from team Yellow. Team Yellow comprises Shanmukh, Priyanka Singh, and Jessie. They were shocked by the decision of team Red.

Bigg Shock from Bigg Boss
Team Green violated one of the important rules of the Bigg Boss house. No contestant should destroy the property of the Bigg Boss house. Lobo, Swetaa, and Ravi used the cotton from the cushions inside the house. Bigg Boss identified the same and called it out after the Sanchalaks gave their decision. Not just that, Bigg Boss also shocked both Siri and Kajal that they failed as Sanchalaks. Team Green won the task but because of the violation of rules, Bigg Boss decided to not let the team participate in the captaincy task. He also decided to not give a chance to Sanchalaks to take part in the captaincy task.

Isuka tho Aata, Easy Kadu Beta
Isuka tho Aata, Easy Kadu Beta is the captaincy task in the house. Team Blue and Team Red got a chance to take part in the captaincy task. Priya, Vishwa, Sreeram, Sunny, Maanas, and Anne took part in the task. The participants will have to carry sand from one side to another side amidst many hurdles. Vishwa won the task and became the captain for the second time this season.

Ration Manager – Fight between 3
Usually, the captain picks the Ration manager but Bigg Boss asked the captain to select three members interested to become the ration manager. Sunny, Maanas, and Priyanka showed interest to be the ration manager. A small carriage formation task took place between the three and Pinky won the task. She is the ration manager in the house.

Maanas attracting Female Charm
Maanas is one of the strong contestants in the Bigg Boss house. He is attracting the female charm in the house. Priyanka is already possessive about Maanas. Kajal tells that Priya is also possessive of Maanas. Even, Siri funnily said that she likes Maanas to teaser Priyanka.