Bigg Boss: S5: E35: Nag gives an 'elimination' twistBigg Boss Telugu TV show is in the fifth week currently. In a few hours, the elimination episode will be telecasted. On Saturday, director Krish Jagarlamudi and actor Vaisshnav Tej came to the Bigg Boss stage to promote their movie Konda Polam. Nagarjuna gave a twist to the inmates by not announcing the names of the contestants who are safe!

*Captain Priya vs Ration Manager Vishwa*
In the Bigg Boss house, both the captain and ration manager should be in sync. For the five weeks, things went well between them and the coordination was good too. However, this time, captain Priya and ration manager Vishwa are not in sync. Priya wantedly chose Vishwa as the ration manager but they had differences over the workflow. The differences continued even in the presence of Nagarjuna. It looks like terms are not good between the two.

*Konda Polam in Bigg Boss*
Director Krish Jagarlamudi and hero Vaisshnav Tej came to the Bigg Boss stage in order to promote their new movie Konda Polam. Apart from promoting the film, they interacted with the inmates too. Both Krish and Vaisshnav posed some interesting questions to the inmates about their game.

*Memory Loss for Kajal*
Nagarjuna told that Kajal contradicts her own statements and on a funny note, he said that she has memory loss.

*Did Lobo show the middle finger to Kajal*
Kajal, Lobo, and Ravi had an argument over Ravi and Lobo not working in the kitchen. During this segment, Kajal mentioned that Lobo showed her a middle finger. Nagarjuna showed a video to everyone including Lobo. In the video, Lobo is showing the middle finger but he clarified that his intention is different. Kajal and Nagarjuna believed that Lobo is telling the truth.

*King & Slave*
King and Slave is the name of the game that the inmates played on Saturday. The inmates chose one contestant as King and one as Slave.

Priya – Sreeram is King and Hamida is slave
Sreeram – Kajal is King and Shanmukh is slave
Kajal – Priya is King and Ravi is slave
Priyanka Singh – Ravi is King and Lobo is slave
Ravi – Maanas is King and Pinky is slave
Maanas – Sunny is king & Hamida is slave
Sunny – Maanas is King and Vishwa is Slave
Lobo – Sunny is King and Vishwa is slave
Shanmukh – Ravi is King and Hamida is slave
Hamida – Manas is King and Sunny is slave
Swetaa – Kajal is King and Maanas is Slave
Jessie – Ravi is King and Lobo is slave
Anne – Sunny is King and Lobo is slave
Siri – Ravi is King and Sreeram is slave
Vishwa – Ravi is King and Priya is slave

*No one is Safe*
All eight contestants are still in the danger zone. The eight members are Ravi, Lobo, Priya, Shanmukh, Sunny, Maanas, Jaswath, Viswa and Hamida.image.gif

Hamida is eliminated