The worst performer task generated a lot of drama in the Bigg Boss house. After the Bigg Boss Rajyam task, the inmates took part in the captaincy task. Priya has become the new captain in the house.

Unexpected Victory – Captain Priya

Priya almost lost hope in winning as the captain of the Bigg Boss house. However, she managed to win the task with the support of her fellow inmates. Swetaa, Anne, and Ravi were defeated in the task. New captain Priya took charge as the captain already.

Worst Performer Kajal

After the captaincy task, the discussion about the worst performer started in the Bigg Boss house. Many decided that they would go for Kajal. Kajal expected that people will corner her but she did not expect many inmates to pick her as the worst performer. Hamida, Sreeram, Anne, Lobo, Ravi, and Vishwa chose Kajal as the worst performer. Most of the reasons they gave are silly. Ravi voted for Kajal because of a personal argument. Other than him, all others tried to play it safe.

Kajal in Jail

Bigg Boss sent Kajal to jail and she will be back again in the next episode. Shanmukh, Jessie, Siri, Maanas, and Sunny are Kajal’s supporters in the house.

Biased Captain Sreeram

During the captaincy task, Sreeram asked the house if he was biased and three people raised their hands. They are none other than Shanmukh, Siri, and Jessie. When asked to elaborate, Siri said that she would do it during the nominations.

Priyanka is hurt by Maanas

Priyanka showers love for Maanas in the Bigg Boss house. She likes him a lot and loves to do his works as well. She also feeds the food to him. But, Maanas overheard a complaint against him that Priyanka is helping him. He was hurt by it and told Priyanka that she need not feed him the food and he would eat it on his own. When asked to ignore the complaint, Maanas told that he will consider them seriously. It is Anne who funnily made that complaint with Priya. Maanas decided to confront her.

Nominated Contestants

Ravi, Lobo, Priya, Shanmukh, Sunny, Maanas, Jaswanth, Vishwa and Hamida