Bigg Boss Telugu Season5 Episode 30Bigg Boss house is on fire with the house being split into two groups after the nominations episode. The fifth week has just started and with 15 members in the house, there is no end to the entertainment.

Confession & Nomination

Unlike the past three weeks, the nominations procedure took place in an interesting manner this week. Bigg Boss asked the inmates to come to the confession room first to nominate two contestants. Later, Bigg Boss revealed to the housemates about who nominated whom!

Jessie nominated Ravi and Lobo. Sunny nominated Shanmukh and Priya. Vishwa nominated Jessie and Shanmukh. Kajal nominated Ravi and Sunny. Lobo nominated Maanas and Shanmukh. Priyanka nominated Hamida and Lobo. Siri nominated Ravi and Hamida. Ravi nominated Jessie and Shanmukh. Anne nominated Ravi and Vishwa. Shanmukh nominated Vishwa and Maanas. Hamida nominated Priya and Shanmukh. Swetaa nominated Kajal and Maanas. Priya nominated Shanmukh and Sunny. Maanas nominated Jessie and Shanmukh. Sreerama Chandra nominated Jessie and Shanmukh.

Sreerama Chandra vs Group Jessie

After nominations, everyone went back to discharging their usual duties. During the task distribution, Sreeram had a spat with Jessie. Jessie who is into cleaning and chopping was asked to help in cooking the food. Jessie created an issue out of it. Jessie picked up an argument intentionally with Sreerama Chandra saying that he can’t do it. Sreeram also got angry and told Jessie that the food will be served to those who will work. He also added that he will bring a new rule in the house that everyone has to cook their own food.

Jessie complained the same with his groupmates Shanmukh, Kajal, and Siri. They came to the kitchen to pick up a fight with Sreeram, saying that they will take a stand for Jessie.

However, it did not go well. The entire house has become one with Siri, Shanmukh, and Jessie standing to one side. With poor arguments, Jessie failed to win the support of the other inmates. The way he and his friends behaved has made everyone say that they are on the side of a mistake.

Shanmukh tried to come in between and Sreeram has warned him to stay out of it since it is his issue with Jessie. Sreeram said that he is the house captain and he can do anything he wants. Siri tried to confront him saying that issues are coming up in his captaincy but Sreeram cleverly answered that the issues are coming because they are not participating well in performing the tasks.

In the end, Jessie, Shanmukh, and Siri decided to not eat because of the commanding nature of Sreeram but Sreeram cleverly ensured that Jessie and Shanmukh ate the food.

Their arguments will still continue in the next episode.

Nominated Contestants

Ravi, Lobo, Priya, Shanmukh, Sunny, Maanas, Jaswanth, Vishwa, and Hamida