Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5 Episode 27There are multiple segments that took place in the Bigg Boss house on Friday. It is a mix of many tasks. Although the TV show is failing to hold the curiosity of the audiences, a few contestants are making the viewers stay connected to the TV show.

Luxury Budget Task – Hula La La
The luxury budget task is associated with Hula Hoop. Bigg Boss displayed an item along with the name of a contestant and he will have to Hula Loop for 30 seconds without keeping it down. Ravi, Lobo, Vishwa, Priya performed it and succeeded.

Innocent Jessie back to prison
Bigg Boss asked the pairs he created to pick the Best and Worst performers. It is as follows:

Sreerama Chandra & Hamida – Best is Lobo and Jessie is Worst
Anne & Swetaa – Sreeram is Best & Kajal is worst
Vishwa & Ravi – Maanas is Best & Jessie is Worst
Siri and Shanmukh – Maanas is best & Lobo is worst
Natraj & Lobo – Maanas is best & Jessie is the worst
Kajal & Jessie – Maanas is Best & Lobo is worst
Priya & Priyanka – Maanas is best & Lobo is the worst
Maanas & Sunny – Lobo is best & Jessie is the worst

Many picked Jessie as the worst performer but Bigg Boss has left the decision to Sreerama Chandra. He asked for the house’s opinion and they picked Lobo. But, Jessie came forward to go to prison, and finally, he went to prison.

Maanas is the best performer in the house.

Kajal, Swetaa, Anne, Siri, and Shanmukh are not happy with this decision. Jessie failed as a captain and he has already received punishment for the same. But, picking him again makes no sense according to a few. Shanmukh told Swetaa many could not take the stand for Jessie and he had to go to prison for the second time.

Jessie can’t argue or show aggression to others in the Bigg Boss house. The inmates are taking advantage of the same.

First Strong Group in Bigg Boss House
Siri, Shanmukh, Jessie, and Kajal are a team now. It is very clear that all of them were moving close and planning things collectively. It is the first strong group this season. Swetaa and Anne are also inclined to this group occasionally. We have to see if this group grows stronger.

Flirting Specialist Sreerama Chandra
Sreerama Chandra seems to be the flirting specialist in the Bigg Boss house. The way he talks to the female contestants indicates the same. On top of that, Bigg Boss created a task called Friday Night Show with Sunny where he has to interview Sreeram. Most questions are about the ladies in the house.

Sreeram said that he would have made an attempt to impress Siri if she was not already committed. He also told that he would like to take Hamida on a date. He also mentioned the qualities he would like to see in his future partner.

Nominated Contestants
Lobo, Natraj, Sunny, Priya, Siri, Anne, Ravi, Kajal