Bigg Boss Telugu Episode 24 HighlightsAfter an interesting episode of nominations on Monday, the contestants of the Bigg Boss show are excited to take part in the new task. Surprisingly, the new captaincy contender task announced on Tuesday is interesting as well as creative. The task involves no physical attacking and it is a positive sign.

Gelavalante Taggalsindhe
Gelavalante Taggalsindhe is the name of the task. Bigg Boss took note of the individual weights of all the 16 contestants. Later, the contestants are formed into 8 pairs. By the time the task ends, the pair that will show a decline in their overall weight will win the task. Not just that, Bigg Boss has taken away all the food from the house and provided coconut water, as well as protein, shakes to the contestants. Bigg Boss is going to give challenges and offer temptations to test the willpower of the inmates to win the task.

Siri – Shanmukh & Kajal – Jessie & Sreeram – Hamida & Natraj – Lobo & Priya – Priyanka & Ravi – Vishwa & Anne – Swetaa & Sunny – Maanas

Ravi – The Gunta Nakka
Ravi is still struggling with himself after Sunday’s episode. Nagarjuna clearly exposed Ravi’s double standards and he could not come back to normalcy. Although everyone forgot what happened in the house, Ravi is yet to be normal. Even Priya spoke to Ravi about the same, asking him to be normal and energetic like he was before. On the other hand, Natraj master’s Gunta Nakka comment is haunting Ravi badly. Natraj is yet to give a confirmation on who the Gunta Nakka is, Ravi thinks it is himself. Ravi is scared that everyone will continue thinking that he is the Gunta Nakka in the house. Ravi confronted Vishwa if he appreciated Natraj master for giving the ‘Gunta Nakka’ tag to him but Vishwa denied it saying that there is no truth in it!

Natraj Master – Overaction Candidate
Everyone in the house is struggling to win the title. Everyone has a dream and victory is important to all. But, the way Natraj is behaving clearly shows how immature he is as a person. He is unnecessarily provoking other housemates. Fearing him, his partner Lobo completely surrendered to Natraj in all the tasks that will take place in the house this week. Lobo told Natraj that he would do anything that Natraj asks him to do. In the first challenge, Natraj, with his immature analysis picked Sreeram & Hamida as their opponents. Unfortunately, Sreeram & Hamida tasted victory against Natraj & Lobo. Later, Natraj told Lobo that he realized that he made a mistake. He told that he is going to play the game properly. With unnecessary shouting and too much confidence, he is just doing ‘over action’.

Lobo – Mr. Unfit
Lobo is completely unfit for the Bigg Boss house. In all aspects, he is certainly not someone to be in the house. It is true that Lobo is entertaining the inmates but at the same time, it is also a fact that his entertainment is crossing boundaries many times. Except for that, there is nothing that Lobo is doing in the house. He does not do anything except for bathroom cleaning. He tries to escape, gives lame reasons, shouts unnecessarily, thinks low of others, and do not put any effort to win the game. He completely surrendered himself to Natraj in the game today which shows his lack of interest in the game which certainly equals sending him out of the house. He is in the nominations and let us hope that he gets evicted.