Bigg Boss Telugu Episode 22Bigg Boss TV show is currently into the fourth week. On Monday, the nominations episode generated good interest. There are a total of 8 members in the nominations.

Nominated Contestants
Lobo, Natraj, Sunny, Priya, Siri, Anne, Ravi, and Kajal

Lobo’s Overaction & Pointless Aggression
While choosing the contestants, Lobo unnecessarily lost his temper. He showed pointless aggression. While nominating Priya, Lobo told that she rubbed off his love story saying that it sounds like a film story. He also nominated Siri saying that she did not pay attention to the love story but mentioned that she was hungry! The way Lobo behaved with Priya is objectionable to the inmates. Lobo shouted at Priya for no reason and tried to dominate the house with his voice.

Natraj Master’s Filmy Attitude
Natraj Master is turning out to be a weak contestant in the Bigg Boss house. He is unnecessarily assuming things and rubbing them on the inmates. His attitude is a matter of concern for many. While nominating, he picked Vishwa. In their arguments, Natraj master uttered filmy dialogues and displayed actions in a sarcastic manner. BY twirling his mustache and delivering filmy dialogues, he appeared artificial. His arguments with other inmates also carried no impression.

Is Ravi the ‘Gunta Nakka’?
In the earlier episodes, Natraj master mentioned that there is a Gunta Nakka (Fox) in the house. Ravi thinks that it is him. However, Natraj did not confirm the same. During the nominations, Ravi bought this discussion and confronted Natraj but the dance master failed to give a valid reason. He also told Ravi to continue assuming that he is the Fox in the house.

Ravi’s Realization & Apology
Ravi realized that he do not have control of what he is talking about in the house. He is saying something and then he is also contradicting his statements. He apologized to Priya, Lahari, and also to his mother for making a promise on her name.

Kajal & Her Lame Reasons
Kajal nominated Sunny saying that he should get the taste of nominations. She nominated Natraj saying that she would like to witness Natraj’s behavior post the nominations phase. Both the reasons are weak and lame. She is trying to play it safe by bringing an impression that she is strong.

Priya nominated Lobo & Sunny. Vishwa nominated Ravi & Natraj. Lobo nominated Priya & Siri. Sreeram nominated Swetaa & Anne. Shanmukh nominated Ravi & Lobo. Kajal nominated Natraj & Sunnu. Siri nominated Anne & Lobo. Maanas nominated Lobo & Natraj. Swetaa nominated Lobo & Ravi. Hamida nominated Lobo & Natraj. Natraj nominated Vishwa & Ravi. Priyanka Singh nominated Lobo & Kajal. Ravi nominated Kajal & Natraj. Anne nominated Sreeram & Siri. Sunny nominated Kajal & Priya. Jessie nominated Pinky & Ravi.