Bigg Boss S5 Episode 21 Nagarjuna AkkineniSunday should have been an interesting episode but the third week’s Sunday episode of Bigg Boss TV show has generated no curiosity. Surprisingly, Lahari was eliminated from the house in the third week.

Dedicate a song & Identify an item

Usually, Nagarjuna will ask the inmates to play different games in the house. On Sunday, Nagarjuna introduced two games. One of them is a dancing task, sponsored by Spotify and the other one is a blindfold game, which is similar to that of Dum Sharats.

Lahari’s Elimination – Big Surprise

Maanas, Lahari and Priya remained unsafe on Saturday. On Sunday, Nagarjuna initially confirmed that Maanas is safe. In the end, Priya and Lahari remained unsafe. Finally, Priya is announced safe and Lahari is eliminated. Not only Lahari, but many inmates received it as a big surprise. Most of the inmates thought that Lahari will be saved but it did not happen.

Lahari’s Critical Comments

After joining Nagarjuna on the stage, Lahari made some critical comments on the inmates. The interesting point that she discussed was the relationship between Siri and Shanmukh.

Lahari told that Shanmukh is following Siri. She mentioned that Shanmukh nominated her only because Siri did. Shanmukh could not take it and opposed the same but Lahari defended her statements. Lahari did not make any sense with her comments.

Lahari also commented that Ravi and Kajal should think twice before talking as there are cameras all around. She bought this discussion in the context that they should not talk about anyone in their absence.

Although Priya is the reason for Lahari being cornered, she did not develop any negative opinions.