Bigg Boss S5: E20: Double Standards & MisunderstandingsSaturday is for clearing misunderstandings in the Bigg Boss house. Host Nagarjuna made sure to clear at least a few misunderstandings but also created a situation where new issues started between some housemates.

*Nag exposed Ravi’s double standards*
On Saturday’s episode, Nagarjuna addressed the elephant in the room. Bringing the discussion of the heated argument that took place between Priya-Ravi-Lahari, Nagarjuna brought clarity in the house.

Everyone knew that Ravi used the word ‘single men’ while talking about Lahari with Priya. When Lahari later confronted Ravi, he denied it. When Priya asked him about the same, Ravi again denied it. Nagarjuna called Lahari to the power room and played the video of the discussion.

Lahari gained clarity on the entire issue and spoke about it in the living room. She mentioned that no one should talk on the back of others.

Ravi, on the other hand, has no answer to the same.

*Shanmukh – The Acting captain of the house*
Nagarjuna showered sarcasm on the captain of the house Jessie. Nag said that Shanmukh is actually behaving like a captain and guiding Jessie with everything.

Nagarjuna also advised Shanmukh to not avoid Siri basing on the comments of some contestants. Nagarjuna asked Shanmukh to continue his friendship with Siri.

*Vishwa – The Worst Captain*
Nagarjuna paraphrased Kajal’s words that Vishwa is the worst captain of the house. Vishwa defended that he is not the worst captain and most of the inmates supported him.

*Shut the door on the face*
According to this, the inmates will have to pick someone who has no right to live in the Bigg Boss house and give their reason.

Priya, Priyanka, Jessie, Kajal, and Vishwa wanted Lobo to go out of the house. Swetaa Varma picked Maanas and Maanas picked Anne. Lobo picked Lahari and she picked Ravi and he chose Priya for this task. Siri and Sunny chose one another. Anne picked Maanas. Natraj chose Kajal and Shanmukh chose Sunny. Hamida picked Kajal.

*Safe contestants*
Sreerama Chandra and Priyanka Singh

*Unsafe Contestants*
Maanas Nagulapalli, Priya and Lahari

Lahari is eliminated.