Bigg Boss: S5: E101: Another dull episodeBigg Boss Telugu TV show will have a grand finale this weekend. Ahead of the grand event, the organizers are trying to boost the confidence levels of the inmates by playing their journey videos.

On Monday, Bigg Boss gave a motivating speech on the journies of Maanas and Sreeram. The videos of their journies were also played in the garden area.

On Tuesday, it is Shanmukh and Sunny who got a chance to watch their beautiful journies for 14 weeks.

Both Sunny and Shanmukh took one of the pictures displayed in the garden area with them.

In the next episode, we will get to see the journey of Siri.

Currently, there are five inmates in the house, fighting for the title. Sunny, Sreerama Chandra, Maanas Nagulapalli, Shanmukh and Siri are in the finale race.

There are reports that Ranveer Singh, Alia Bhatt, Deepika Padukone and others will grace the grand finale as chief guests.

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