Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5 Episode 10Unlike the previous seasons, the Bigg Boss Telugu season 5 is high on entertainment. Just like how Nagarjuna promised in the promos, the TV show is generating 5X entertainment from the beginning stages itself. Usually, it takes at least three weeks for the housemates to understand one another and play the game. But, surprisingly, in the fifth season, the inmates did not take much time in understanding one another and put a big fight in the house.

Captaincy Task – First Physical Task
Bigg Boss introduced the first-ever physical task in the Bigg Boss house in the second week itself. It is a clear indication that there will be no end to the entertainment in the house.

As the inmates are already divided into two teams, Bigg Boss introduced the captaincy task between the two teams. ‘Pantham Needha Naadha’ is the name of the captaincy task. The task is divided into multiple segments again. The first one is Dongalunnaru Jagratha and the second one is Saagara Sodhara. Maanas is the captain of the team wolfs (Yellow) and Sreerama Chandra is the captain of the team Eagles (Violet).

Both the teams will have to collect pillows belonging to the rival team and protect them to produce by the end of the task.

Interesting Face-Offs
Physical task clearly means that there will be arguments, clashes, and man-handling. We got a taste of everything in the current episode.

Siri vs Sunny
Sunny tried to snatch a pillow collected by Siri. Siri stated that Sunny has put his hand into her T-Shirt to take the pillow. Sunny denied the same. What’s fishy is Siri’s conversation with Pinky. Talking to Pinky, Siri revealed that Pinky is not understanding her game.

Sreerama Chandra – Man of Aggression
So far, we have not seen Sreerama Chandra in an active mode in the house. But, in today’s episode, he showed full aggression. Leading his team, he did not limit himself in putting a dominant show. At some point, he fired on Kajal that she is constantly trying to put him in a spot.

Vishwa vs Ravi
Lobo was hurt while playing the game. While attending Lobo, everyone paused the game. But, people from both teams continued playing. Ravi was upset with the same. He raised an objection but it did not go well with the others. Vishwa from the rival team has come forward to argue with Ravi. Their heated argument put the house on fire.

Swetaa’s aggression on ladies
Swetaa Varma is clearly trying to show dominance against the female contestants in the opposite team. Swetaa Varma was getting physical with them and pushing them with full force. She also caused injuries to others.

Who is playing the woman card?
During the game, Sreerama Chandra blamed that Kajal is playing the woman’s card but she was surprised to hear that. Even Priya joined voice to Sreerama Chandra’s opinion. On the other hand, Sunny also thinks that Siri is playing the woman card.

Doctor attends on Lobo
Lobo was tired during the task and he felt dizzy. The doctor attended to him in the medical room. In no time, Lobo returned to the house but did not take active participation in the game.

Task – To be continued
Only one segment is complete in the captaincy task. The second segment is still in progress. On Wednesday’s episode, much more fun and entertainment is on the offing for the viewers.