Bigg Boss TeluguEvery season, we have a romantic track in Bigg Boss Telugu. This time, everyone thought that it will be between Sri Satya and Arjun Kalyan. But surprisingly, Inaya and RJ Surya came out of the syllabus. They are the most romantic couple in the house now.

We often see them hugging each other, enjoying each other’s company and also feeding each other. Their track is leading to many speculations on social media. Finally, RJ Surya’s girlfriend Bujjamma came out and spoke about the issue.

Speaking in a recent interview, Bujjamma said, “It was Surya who gave me this name (Bujjamma). We are in a relationship for the last 10 years. He is playing well and I hope he will be in top-5.”

She went on to say, “Aarohi and Surya are good friends because they worked together in the past. But their friendship went overboard in this show. People didn’t like it. So, they sent back Aarohi. I felt Surya will get into depression after her elimination. But Inaya came into the picture all of a sudden. She flattered Surya by saying that he is her crush. She is following him everywhere.”

Bujjamma said that Inaya is not concentrating on her game and instead, she is focusing on Surya all the time. “Fans are opining that Inaya is glued to Surya like Fevicol. Surya did no mistake. But I am not sure about his current feelings towards Inaya,” she further added.