Bigg Boss Party Hardly Seen After the ShowWhenever there is a talk about Bigg Boss show, there seems to be a lot of hype on the participants of the show, predictions and expectations that their fate would be changed with the publicity.

The former contestants of seasons one and two were seen every day for 100 days and had been the talk of the town making headlines for even the funniest things and also the dirty fights.

But, the hype around them didn’t help them after the show and no one has settled with a better career. They are doing what they have been doing before the show, be it Samrat or Kaushal or else Geetha Madhuri.

The winners of the two seasons, Balaji and Kaushal seem to be nowhere in the limelight they had enjoyed when they were in Bigg Boss. Is the game worth all that mudslinging on each other?