Bigg Boss Non-Stop Telugu Episode 56BB Non-Stop is one of the most exciting reality shows in the Telugu OTT space currently. Yet again, Nagarjuna is back on the show for the weekend episode with a surprising announcement regarding the elimination.

The clarity in Confession Room

Nagarjuna called Siva to the confession room and asked about the ‘Bathroom issue’ that happened between Akhil and Bindu. Nag took an explanation from Siva and then called Bindu to give clarity on the same. As they are not able to come to a conclusion, Nag finally called Akhil to give clarity on the bathroom issue.

Nag’s Prank on Ashu Reddy

Nagarjuna played a prank on Ashu Reddy by asking Baba Bhaskar about who does she want to take outside the house with him. Baba mentioned Ashu Reddy’s name. She was shocked upon hearing her name.

Nag’s results on housemates’ performance

Nagarjuna gave his opinion about the performance of other housemates.

Mitra – 300 percent
Ashu Reddy & Natraj – 50 percent
Akhil & Ajay & Bindu & Anil – 100 percent
Siva & Hamida & Ariyana Glory – 200 percent

Bindu’s Dosa for Nag

Nagarjuna asked Bindu to make dosa, especially for him, with the assistance of Natraj.

Hero and Zero

The housemates will have to pick who is the hero and who is zero in the house.

Siva – Hero is Natraj & Zero is Bindu
Baba – Hero is Natraj & Zero is Ashu Reddy
Mitra – Hero is Akhil & Zero is Ariyana
Ashu – Hero is Siva & Zero is Baba
Akhil – Hero is Ajay & Zero is Ashu
Anil – Heroine is Hamida & Zero is Natraj
Ariyana – Hero is Siva & Zero is Bindu
Ajay – Hero is Natraj & Zero is Bindu
Hamida – Heroine is Bindu & Zero is Ashu
Natraj – Hero is Ajay & Zero is Anil
Bindu – Hero is Ariyana & Zero is Anil

Most Loved – Natraj | Most Hated – Ariyana

Sunday Funday – Dam Charades

The following are the teams.
Natraj: Ariyana, Akhil, Hamida, Anil
Baba: Bindu, Ajay, Ashu, Siva

Sanchalak: Mitra

Baba’s team won the game.

Break the Bond

The housemates told with whom they want to break the bond.

Bindu – Mitra | Siva – Natraj | Ashu – Baba | Mitra – Ariyana | Baba – Ashu | Ajay – Ariyana | Hamida – Ashu | Natraj – Hamida | Ariyana – Natraj | Akhil – Siva | Anil – Natraj

Final Elimination

It was between Ashu Reddy & Ajay. Finally, Ajay was eliminated. It is very shocking for everyone.

Broken Hearts & Full Hearts

Ajay gave Broken Hearts and Full Hearts to housemates.

Full Hearts – Akhil, Ashu, Natraj, Mitra, Bindu
Broken Hearts – Ariyana, Anil, Hamida, Siva, Baba