Bigg Boss -Non-Stop Telugu-BB Non-Stop is one of the most interesting reality shows in the OTT space currently. Nagarjuna Akkineni is the show host. This Reality show is not just known for the high-voltage fights between the contestants, but also its love stories and entertainment. Today’s episode seems to be full of spice with contestants’ first love stories and eye-catching dances.

Major affairs and relationships of contestants

Things took a romantic turn when the big boss asked the contestants to write the name of their first love interest on a board and to share their stories. Bindu Madhavi, Shiva, and Akhil express their simple first love stories. However, all concluded their love stories on a departing note, with Bindu saying the point always is that first love tends to fail.

Ariyana Becomes Emotional

Ariyana wrote her Brother-in-law’s (Bava) name on the board and became emotional, explaining how he cheated on her. She added that once upon a time, while they were in a live-in relationship, she saw him in an embarrassing situation that she couldn’t share on the Television. However, she is still in love but doesn’t know whether she is going to accept him now or not because of the situation she went through after the breakup.

Ashu loses her love between Big Boss seasons

When it’s Ashu’s turn, she expressed her love story with her ex-boyfriend. She said he cheated on her and married her friend when she was in the BB house.

Make them fall in love with you

As a romantic task, Bigg Boss asked boys to impress girls. Later, the selected participants’ Shiva, Mahesh and Ajay are asked to pick two girls each and then finalise one among them. Boys fav list went on the following way:

Shiva – Bindu and Hamida – Finally chosen Hamida
Mahesh – Aariyana and Mithraw – Finally chosen Aariyana
Ajay – Ashu and Mumaith – Finally chosen Mumaith.

Dances and Dating

Shiva and Hamida danced to the Sir Osthara Song but didn’t impress any because of their weak chemistry. Mahesh and Aariyana tried their best with “Abhani Tiyani” and “Adhara Kottu” songs. However, it’s Mumaith and Ajay who have stolen last night’s show for sure with Ajay’s Sizzling Chemistry with Mumaith.


As promised by Bigboss Ajay and Mumaith got a chance to have a date in a wonderful ambiance, in which they shared their love things.