Bigg Boss -Non-Stop Telugu- Epiode 47-A Fiery Nomination!Monday is for the nominations episode in the Bigg Boss house. The sixth week kick-started in the BB house literally with fire. This week, the contestants had to drop the picture of other housemates that they want to nominate, in fire. The OTT version of the Bigg Boss show is currently streaming on Disney+ Hotstar.

Natraj feels sorry for Tejaswi

It was Natraj who is the reason behind Tejaswi’s eviction. As a Sanchalak, he placed Tejaswi in the nominations and this decision cost a lot. After Tejaswi’s eviction, Natraj realized that he made a mistake.

Nominations on Fire

The housemates dropped the pictures of the other inmates that they wanted to nominate, in fire.

Ariyana – Mitra, Bindu
Ajay – Mahesh, Hamida
Ashu – Mitra, Hamida
Anil – Natraj, Mitra
Sravanthi – Mitra, Natraj
Mahesh – Mumait, Mitra
Hamida – Ashu, Ajay
Natraj – Bindu, Sravanthi
Siva – Mitra, Mahesh
Mumait – Mahesh, Mitra
Mitra – Mahesh, Siva
Bindu – Natraj, Ashu
Akhil – Bindu, Mitra

Major Arguments

Multiple interesting arguments took place during the nominations and it is a mix of seriousness and fun.

Ajay vs Hamida: They argued about the ‘F’ word used by Ajay. Ajay’s point was that Hamida did not listen to the entire sentence but supported the argument that he used the F word against Bindu. Ajay wanted to tell that Hamida was portraying him badly. Hamida argued with the same saying that she just told what she had heard and nothing more than that.

Anil vs Natraj: Anil nominated Natraj saying that he is playing an aggressive game. Natraj declared that Anil is playing the game under the influence of others. Anil did not like it and raised his voice and in turn, Natraj too bought out his unusual behavior.

Sravanthi vs Natraj: Natraj nominated Sravanthi by telling a story of Mahabharatha and comparing Sravanthi to Sakuni. Sravanthi lost her temper and started behaving weirdly to counterattack Natraj.

Sva vs Mitra: When Siva is nominating Mitra, she was not letting him say his point. She interrupted him during the whole process and made false allegations. Even when Mitra was nominating Siva, she did not give a valid reason because of which Bigg Boss asked her to give a valid reason for the nomination.

Sixth Week Nominated Contestants

Mitra, Natraj, Mahesh, Ashu, Hamida, Bindu, Siva, Ajay, Sravanthi and Mumait