Bigg Boss Non-Stop Telugu, Episode 45, Nagarjuna Akkineni, Disney+ HotstarAkkineni Nagarjuna is currently hosting the Bigg Boss OTT TV show on Disney+ Hotstar. This is the online version of the popular reality show. Technically, this is the sixth season of the TV show in Telugu. On Sunday, as we have already informed our readers Tejaswi Madiwada is evicted from the house.

Nagarjuna began the show by conveying the Ugadi festival wishes.

Guilty or Not Guilty

Based on the performances of the housemates during the week, Nagarjuna declared them as Guilty and Not Guilty.

Not Guilty – Akhil, Ashu, Natraj, Ajay, Siva, and Mumait
Guilty – Hamida, Ariyana, Sravanthi, Anil, Bindu, and Mitraaw

Nagarjuna also warned Ajay to not use the F word, especially when there is an argument is taking place, as it can lead to unnecessary troubles. Nag also took a class to Mitraaw, asking her to implement strategies in the game than complaining and writing things on tissue paper.

Roll Rida performed a special Rap song on the occasion of the Ugadi special episode.

Shadruchulu Game

Nagarjuna asked the housemates to give the following tags to different housemates in the house.

Jaggery – Andhari Bandhuvaya
Uppu – Haddhu Meeraku
Vepa Pootha – Tene Poosina Kathi
Chinthapandu – Tikamaka
Mango – Oosaravelli
Kaaram – Tasmath Jagratha

Bindu – Salt for Natraj & Jaggery for Bindu
Mahesh – Tikamaka for Mitraaw & Jaggery for Natraj
Mitraw – Jaggery for Mahesh & Tikamaka for Hamida
Ariyana – Jaggery for Tejaswi & Tikamaka for Mitraw
Hamida – Tasmath Jagratha for Hamida & Tikamaka for Mitraw
Siva – Hadhu Meeraku for Natraj & Andari Bandhuvaya for Ariyana
Tejaswi – Andari Bandhuvaya for Sravanthi & Thene Poosina Kathi for Natraj
Natraj – Andhari Bandhuvaya is Ariyana & Hadhu Meeraku is Siva
Anil – Hamida is Andhari Bandhuvaya & Tikamaka is Mitra
Mumait – Andhari Bandhuvaya for Ajay & Tikamaka is Mitraw
Ashu – Andhari Bandhuvaya for Akhil & Tene Poosina Kathi for Siva
Ajay – Andhari Bandhuvaya for Bindu & Tikamaka for Mitraw
Sravanthi – Andhari Bandhuvaya for Ajay & Tikamaka for Mitraw
Ashu – Tikamaka for Akhil & Andhari Banduvaya for Natraj

*Most Loved – Ajay | Most Hated – Siva*

Exposing Secrets

Ashu Reddy revealed that Mumait Khan quit Smoking for Ajay and Akhil.

Tejaswi revealed that Natraj will go to sleep under the pretext of meditating.

Pictionary Game

Team A – Bindu, Akhil, Ashu, Mumait, Mitra, Anil, and Mahesh

Team B – Siva, Tejaswi, Natraj, Hamida, Ajay, Sravanthi and Ariyana

The housemates will have to take a chit and picture about it on board and the team will have to guess the song.

Bindu’s team won the task.

Who should change what

The housemates are asked to reveal what the others will have to change in others.

Siva says that Mitra overthinks about her a lot.

Mitra says Siva should have patience.

Tejaswi says Sravanthi should start thinking about the main goal but not the relations.

Sravanthi says Akhil should keep her emotions in control.

Ajay says that Mumait can not be straightforward always.

Ariyana thinks that Ashu gets low.

Hamida says that Mahesh should not reveal all his strategies.

Natraj says Tejaswi should keep her anger in control.

Mahesh says Mumait loses her tongue and she should say that.

Mumait says that Mahesh should not be diplomatic.

Akhil says Bindu should accept failure.

Ashu says that Natraj should accept when someone nominates him or says something.

Bindu says that Ajay should take decisions strongly.

Anil says that Bindu reacts to situations fastly and she should improve that.

Final Nomination

The final nomination was between Tejaswi and Sravanthi. Tejaswi is eliminated from the show.

Before leaving the house, Tejaswi has given the following.

Sweet Laddoos – Akhil, Sravanthi, Ariyana, Ashu
Bitter Laddoos – Mitraw, Bindu, Siva
Both Laddoos – Natraj