Bigg Boss Non-Stop Telugu: Ep 38: Who Is Fit & Unfit for the House?Sarayu who got evicted from the Bigg Boss house said that the housemates are double-faced and portrayed her in a wrong way. She said that Akhil, Ajay, and Shravanthi tried to add other housemates to their group but she showed no interest in the same.

Sarayu said that Ashu has been doing cheap things in the house. She also claimed that Shiva always talks with an egoistic and arrogant tone. Sarayu said that she was very afraid in the Bigg Boss house as she thought that anyone might trigger her and she will explode and the audience will send her out again.

Sarayu also said that Ashu, Ariyana, and Shiva are the main reasons behind her looking beautiful on the screen. While talking about the housemates, Sarayu said Teju has a sharp brain, and Nataraj is irritating.

According to Sarayu, Shravanthi is full of drama, Bindu is smart, Akhil cannot play without his friends, Ajay is not an individual player, Mahesh doesn’t have masks and Mithra is like a mystery.

Sarayu said Mithra, Anil, Bindu, Hamida, and Ashu are fit for the house, Ariyana, Shiva, Ajay, Nataraj, Akhil, and Shravathi are unfit for the house, according to her.

Sarayu gave Punch tag to Ariyana, Fidaa to Hamida, Aparichitudu to Mithra, Ghajini to Anil, Krack to Nataraj, Mr. Majnu to Shiva, Arjun Reddy to Bindu, Wrong Way to Akhil, Mahanati to Shravanthi, Sketch to Ashu, over action to Shiva.

Sarayu said Shravanthi might get evicted from the BB house next week.