Bigg Boss Non-Stop TeluguBigg Boss Non-Stop is the OTT version of the popular reality show, Bigg Boss, currently streaming on Disney+ Hotstar. Akkineni Nagarjuna is the host of the TV show. Sunday’s episode confirmed that Sarayu is evicted and we have already confirmed the same to our readers.

Nagarjuna’s Likes & Dislikes

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Like — Hamida, Siva, Bindu
Dislike — Ajay, Anil, Sarayu, Sravanthi, Tejaswi, Mitra
Like & Dislike — Natraj
Risk-taking. Natraj, Ajay

Nagarjuna appreciated Hamida’s game and her sportive attitude. Nag also complimented Siva’s game and his mingling nature with everyone. He also liked Bindu’s work and appreciated the same.

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The performances of Ajay, Anil, Sarayu, Sravanthi, Tejaswi, and Mitra are not up to the mark and he disliked them.

Nag gave both Like and Dislike to Natraj. Natraj and Ajay put their lives risk in collecting likes which angered Nagarjuna and hence disliked both of them.

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Hamida’s Issue in Confession Room

Hamida felt uncomfortable during the task as she felt that Akhil has touched her thighs inappropriately. Hamida raised the point multiple times and Akhil found fault with the way she raised the issue. Nag asked Hamida about the issue in the confession room. Later, he called Akhil into the confession room. After that, he called them to the confession room and played the video of the particular incident to give clarity on the same. Finally, the house decided that Hamida’s feeling was genuine and Akhil’s act was unintentional. Hence, the issue has been sorted out with Akhil’s apology to Hamida.

Bigg Boss issues Final warning

The housemates damaged 6 mikes already and Nag too raised the issue saying that it is a final warning from Bigg Boss to the housemates to protect their mikes.

Add a friend & Block a friend

This is the ‘Most Loved’ & ‘Most Hated’ task. The housemates are asked to pick one housemate with whom they want to continue friendship after the Bigg Boss stint and another housemate who they would like to block after BB stint.

Siva – Blocks Natraj, Adds Bindu
Anil – Adds Ashu, Blocks Natraj
Mitra – Adds Ashu, Blocks Anil
Mahesh – Adds Anil, Blocks Mitra
Hamida – Blocks Mitra, Adds Anil
Sarayu – Adds Anil, Blocks Ariyana
Bindu – Blocks Natraj, Adds Siva
Akhil – Blocks Mitra, Adds Ajay
Tejaswi – Adds Hamida, Blocks Anil
Ashu – Blocks Siva, Adds Ajay
Natraj – Adds Asu, Blocks Bindu
Ariyana – Blocks Sarayu, Adds Anil
Ajay – Adds Akhil, Blocks Natraj
Sravanthi – Adds Tejaswi, Blocks Natraj

Most Hated – Natraj | Most Loved – Ashu

Pose Pattu

The housemates played a game where they will have to guess the song by looking at the still that belongs to the song.

Ariyana’s team: Akhil, Sarayu, Bindu, Mahesh, Hamida, Ariyana and Ajay

Ashu’s Team: Tejaswi, Ashu, Natraj, Mitra, Anil, Siva, Sravanthi

Ashu’s team won the task with 8 points while Ariyana’s team only scored 2 points.

Final Elimination

Mitra vs Sarayu

As we have already been informed, Sarayu is evicted from the house.

Before leaving the house, Sarayu picked up some tags for the inmates.