Bigg Boss Non-Stop Nagarjuna Warning About Food WastageBigg Boss Non-Stop is the OTT version of the Bigg Boss reality show, which is currently streaming on Disney+ Hotstar. The reality show is hosted by Akkineni Nagarjuna. The show that started with 17 contestants completed two weeks already.

Nagarjuna’s anger

With multiple incidents taking place in the second week, Nagarjuna expressed his anger and displeasure on some of the inmates.

Nagarjuna fired on Chaitu for wasting the food and captain Anil punished him with fasting tonight.

And then, Nagarjuna ordered Bindu to not repeat her mistake again which she threw the plate earlier.

Nag’s biggest class is to Shiva who used double-meaning words with Sarayu but later denied it. To prove that Siva is wrong, Nag showed the video for clarity. Siva apologized and the housemates decided to give one more chance to Siva.

Nagarjuna also revealed his disappointment about Mitra’s performance as she is not taking active participation in the tasks and games.

Nagarjuna also asked Mahesh and everyone to control their anger in the house.

Fair or Unfair

Tejaswi was the Sanchalak for the captaincy task and Nag asked the inmates if she was fair or unfair in the task. A few raised objections about Tejaswi picking Anil as the captain. But, Tejaswi defended herself and Nagarjuna also supported her.

Red Heart & Black Heart

Nagarjuna asked the housemates to give Red Heart and Black Heart to others.

Bindu Madhavi – Gave Black heart to Mitra, Gave Red heart to Ajay
Siva – Gave Black heart to Natraj, Gave Red heart to Ashu Reddy
Tejaswi – Gave Black heart to Bindu, Gave Red heart to Mitra
Ariyana – Gave Red heart to Akhil, Gave Black heart to Mahesh
RJ Chaitu – Gave Red heart to Anil, Gave Black heart to Mitra
Natraj – Gave Black heart to Bindu Madhavi, Gave Red heart to Tejaswi
Sree Rapaka – Gave Red heart to Siva, Gave Black heart to Mitra
Ashu Reddy – Gave Red heart to Akhil, Gave Black heart to Siva
Mahesh Vitta – Gave Red heart to Siva, Gave Black heart to Natraj
Hamida – Gave black heart to Sravanthi, Red heart to RJ Chaitu
Anil – Gave Red heart to Sravanthi, Black heart to
Mitra – Gave Black heart to RJ Chaitu, Gave Red heart to Mahesh
Sarayu – Gave Red heart to Mahesh, Black Red heart to Anil
Ajay – Gave black heart to Mahesh, Gave Red heart to Akhil
Akhil – Gave black heart to Bindu, Gave Red heart to Mitra

Thunder Boys vs Wonder Girls

This is the next game between the boys and girls. It is a Dumb Charades game.

The girls team won the game and gave a dance performance to the team boys.

Mitra gets cornered

Mitra received many black hearts and everyone told her that she thinks negatively and has a negative attitude. She got cornered by everyone.

Final Elimination

The final elimination was between Natraj Master and Sree Rapaka. Finally, Nagarjuna confirmed that Sree Rapaka is eliminated.

Sree Rapaka exits on a happy note

Sree Rapaka left the Bigg Boss house on a happy note, without getting any emotional. Before going, she gave Trust and Do not Trust tags to some inmates.

Trust – Ashu Reddy, Tejaswi Madiwada, Bindu Madhavi, Akhil, RJ Chaitu Do Not Trust – Mitra, Sravanthi, Ajay