bigg-boss-non-stop-telugu-ep-18-smuggling-injuries-warningsThe smuggling task is still in progress, in the Bigg Boss house. For round 2, the Warriors become the new cops and chase the smugglers. Things went haywire when Shree Rapaka gets injured and makes a sudden attack on the team.

Akhil upset with Ajay

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Akhil, Ajay, and Sravanthi are playing the game as best friends in the house. However, the other night, Ajay was feeling headache and Akhil gave him a massage. Ajay then stole the idols which made Akhil upset who thought that Ajay was playing with his emotions. Later, they sorted out the issues between them.

Bindu Madhavi & RJ Chaitu vs Warriors

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During lunch, Akhil funnily commented that the cops are eating the food served by the smugglers. It hurt Bindu Madhavi who almost threw the plate away. Bindu decided to not eat and has gone to the bedroom. RJ Chaitu has come to her rescue and spoke on behalf of her. Tejaswi, Akhil, and others from team warriors fumed at Chaitu saying that he is behaving arrogant and is unnecessarily taking Bindu’s side without knowing the facts. The argument between Chaitu and Akhil is prolonged, resulting in Chaitu leaving the food half-eaten.

Warriors crossed 3 levels

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As smugglers, the Warriors crossed three levels and have totally smuggled 30 idols.

Role Reversal

Challengers became smugglers while warriors became cops. Multiple arguments and fights took place during the game. However, by the end of the game on the current day, the challengers also completed two levels.

Warnings from Bigg Boss

Bigg Boss warned the inmates multiple times about not blocking the main entrance and also not hurting each other by getting physical. Despite that, the inmates continued to break the rules. Bigg Boss paused the game for some time and then resumed it again.

Sree Rapaka & Sarayu get injured

While throwing the idols from inside the house to outside, Sree Rapaka and Sarayu got injured. However, they continued the game. It is after their injuries, Bigg Boss warned the inmates to be careful and responsible.