Bigg Boss Non-Stop: Ep 97: Reliving MemoriesBigg Boss Non-Stop streaming on Disney + Hotstar is going to have its finale this weekend. With no tasks and nominations in last week, the final week is going in a smooth way, with Bigg Boss showcasing the contestants’ journeys in the Bigg Boss house.

Today, Bigg Boss gave a chance to Baba Bhaskar and Anil to revisit their memories by playing their journey videos.

*Baba Bhaskar – From Wild-card Entry To The Finale Week*
Entered just a few weeks before the finale, Baba Bhaskar still gained good popularity among the audience as one of the best entertainers in Bigg Boss. Top of all, in the Bigg Boss house he has been the last captain and also won the eviction-free pass.

Showing his journey, Bigg Boss praised Baba Bhaskar for rewriting history as a wild card contestant. Bigg Boss gave him a hashtag #Lipkiss and said that it’s his ever smiling lips and the entertainment he provides that made him one of the finalists of Bigg Boss Non-Stop.

*Anil – From Mr Cool To Mr Perfect*
Anil was one of the rarest Contestants of all the Telugu Bigg Boss seasons who reacted very less in the Bigg Boss house but still reached the finale stage.

Bigg Boss praised his behaviour and emotional control and said he is the one who hasn’t changed throughout the season, despite many contestants asking him to change.

Finally, Anil thanked Bigg Boss and the audience for making him to be one of the finalists of Bigg Boss Non-Stop season.