BB Non-Stop: Ep 91: Anasuya Teases the HousematesBB Non-Stop is the ongoing OTT version of the Bigg Boss reality show, premiering on Disney + Hotstar.

Today’s episode started with a funny discussion between Ariyana and Baba master about Tea and then Akhil and Ariyana’s serious discussion about Natraj’s behaviour.

“Preminchalante Kanpichali” Activity

BigBoss allotted the activity “Preminchalante Kanpichali” to the inmates. As a part of the game, Big Boss sent different time cards and asked in-mates to pick the time card of their opinion which implies how many minutes they are thinking that they are present in the 60-min Bigg boss show.

After the activity, Bigg Boss announced that the Top 4 Contestants of this activity got a chance to impress the guest of today’s episode to grab vote appeal.

Top 4: Shiva, Akhil, Natraj and Ariyana

Bindu Vs Shiva

Bindu and Shiva both had a heated argument about a 15 minutes time card. Housemates Supported Shiva to get the board. However, Bindu and Shiva said their own reasons to deserve the 15 min card. But, finally, as the argument went on and housemates opposed Bindu, Bindu in a different way picked a 1.5-minute time board.

Ariyana asked Bindu is that her different way of playing to which Bindu replied it’s her decision as she feels if she doesn’t get 15 min, then it’s just better to go for 1.5 minutes only.

Though housemates suggested Bindu to play for next time cards, Bindu hasn’t played and she picked out 1.5 minutes board itself.

During lunch time, Shiva pointed Bindu that she gave up too early in the activity. But Bindu opposed it strongly.

Anasuya In the House

Anasuya came as a guest to “Bigg Boss” in Today’s episode to promote her TV show “Super Singers”. She also shot out people’s strong questions to Contestants. Mainly her question to Akhil and Mithra that whether Mithra is targeting Bindu, influenced by Akhil stood as one of the interesting questions. However, Mithra and Akhil defended themselves by giving some answers.

Vote Appeal

To impress Anasuya, Nataraj danced in a girl’s getup, Akhil Sang song and Shiva played a comedy skit.

However, Anasuya got impressed by Natraj and gave him a chance to vote appeal.