BB Non-Stop: Ep 86: Bindu vs NatrajBB Non-Stop is one of the popular reality shows in Telugu. The OTT version is currently streaming on Disney+ Hotstar. In two weeks, the show will come to an end. Nagarjuna Akkineni is the host. Meanwhile, an interesting task took place

*Take the Exit Door*
Bigg Boss asked the housemates to select three housemates and give reasons for why they will have to take the exit door and why they don’t deserve to be in the top 5.

Only one part of the segment took place in today’s episode and it will continue tomorrow as well.

Bindu picked Mitraw, Akhil, Natraj

Ariyana picked Mitraw, Anil, Natraj

Anil picked Akhil, Baba, Ariyana

Anil, however, played it safe by pushing the ex-contestants into the exit zone and saying that the new contestants deserve to be in the top five.

*Natraj vs Bindu*
Natraj Master & Bindu Madhavi had arguments during the segment. Bindu argued that Natraj uses emotion unnecessarily during the game and will lock others in distracting his game.

On the other hand, Natraj said that Bindu’s father failed in bringing up her as she doesn’t deserve to be in the place she is currently in.

The arguments continued even after the segment. Natraj spoke to cameras saying that Bindu is fit for nothing and she is not a good player. Bindu confronted him asking to talk to her, looking at her face and not talk to cameras about her.