BB Non-Stop: Ep 84: Eviction Free Pass Delivered!BB Non-Stop is one of the entertaining OTT reality shows in Telugu. The show is currently premiering on Disney+ Hotstar. Finally, Baba Bhaskar gets the Eviction Free Pass and he surprised everyone. Sunny is the guest on today’s episode.

*Fifth Contestant*
Bigg Boss gave a final chance to the contestants to become the fifth contender to grab the Eviction Free Pass. As part of the same, the housemates played the Banana & Monkey game from last season.

Akhil bagged the banana first and eliminated Siva.
Baba bagged the banana again and eliminated Natraj.
Baba bagged the banana again and eliminated Mitra.
Akhil bagged the banana again and eliminated Ashu.
Finally, Akhil worked on Ariyana getting the chance.

Ariyana, thus, became the fifth contender.

*Sunny in the house*
Season 5 winner of Bigg Boss TV show, Sunny has come to the house as the special guest of the episode. Sunny motivated all the housemates and asked everyone to be good to each other, even after the show comes to an end. He filled confidence in everyone and asked them to continue entertaining the audience.

*Final Task*
Ariyana, Bindu, Anil, Akhil, and Baba fought for grabbing the Eviction Free pass. Baba won the task and grabbed the Eviction Free Pass.

*Warning to Siva*
Siva tried to change the frequencies of the mikes of the housemates. Bigg Boss warned everyone including Siva and punished him that he will have to make sure no one violates the rules in the BB house.