BB Non-Stop: Ep 83: Shanmukh & a Mystery BoxBB Non-Stop is entering an exciting phase right now. Akkineni Nagarjuna is the host of the OTT Show and the show will come to an end in just another two weeks. Meanwhile, as a final celebrity guest, Shanmukh Jaswanth entered the Bigg Boss house yesterday to hand over the mystery box.

*Shanmukh in the house*
After Siri and Maanas, Shanmukh too made way to the Bigg Boss house, with the mystery box. Before starting the games, Shanmukh played a few funny tasks with the housemates.

*Best & Worst Captain*
Shanmukh asked the housemates about who they thought did good captaincy and bad captaincy in th house. Most of the inmates felt that Siva is the best captain and Anil is not.

*Ball & Water*
Shanmukh’s favorite task from Season 5 is pouring water into holes and the water brings the ball up and finally lands in a basket kept on the ground.

Akhil won the task and grabbed the mystery box.

*Squeeze the water*
In this task, the inmates will have to squeeze the water attached to the sponges to their body and Siva won the task. However, he failed to make it to the top as Akhil wanted to use the mystery box for himself. In the end, the mystery box revealed that he will have to move two ranks upwards.

*Contenders for Eviction Free Pass*
Anil, Baba, Bindu and Akhil will fight for the Eviction Free Pass.